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Simple Video Management System In A WordPress Plugin!

Reprinted with permission from Online Video Workshop – Simple Is Better. Video marketing shouldn’t be complicated. Marketing is a tough enough job when you are trying to generate leads, develop prospects and make sales. Having to wrangle video embed codes for each and every device and browser type should not be part of your marketing efforts. With this WordPress plugin, your video worries will be gone!

When David Perdew creates videos for his NAMS members, he doesn’t hope that all of his members are going to be watching them on their desktop with Firefox. He knows that his video will play at the proper dimensions on any device, in any browser, and from any web page or blog that he embeds it.

He knows this to be true, because he had his development team create his video management system to work on all browsers across all devices.

Want to see it in action? Click here:

David Perdew is someone I trust, I have known him for over 7 years. His business partner, Paul Counts, I have known even longer, as I met him for the first time in Long Beach, CA, way back in 2007. Both of these gentlemen are honest and respectable businessmen. They place a high value in keeping that reputation. This product that they are making available to the public, the Simple Video Management System, is going to be the cornerstone of a lot of video based businesses – simply because they would not release a product to the marketplace until they were satisfied that it would do what it was supposed to do.

Simple Video Management System WordPress Plugin

In fact, David has been using this system for a long time, and he is only making this available to the rest of the world after 3 revisions. That tells me that he is finally secure in knowing that it is as bulletproof as it can possibly be! That is why I am getting this for my video blogging sites. You should, too:

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What Is ViralLoop?

In a hurry? Get ViralLoop Here!

ViralLoop is the all – in – one WordPress Theme
that allows you to turn regular website visitors
into interactive members and content creators,
generating custom profiles, easily building
fresh content and sharing it with their social
circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic
Ok, but what does that mean?
Download the free report that explains it
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Viral Loop WordPress Theme

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Your Photos Can Do So Much More!

Do you have a blog that gets a lot of traffic, but does not get you much in the way of optins or sales of your products?

A lot of times, people are like bees, going from flower to flower, extracting the nectar from each site. But if you could interrupt that cycle of flower jumping, maybe you could convince them to stick around a while?

VidPix is a cool plugin that allows you to create eye catching popup windows that appear only when a visitor hovers over an image that you place within your post. The cool part about this is that you can set up the image within the plugin’s campaign editor and then by pasting a shortcode into your article, the plugin does the rest.

It places the image in your post and then when someone hovers over that image, your optin form (or video or advertisement) will magically appear for them. I really like this, because I can create a campaign and use it over and over again to help get subscribers or talk about a product that I am selling.



The image above is actually a VidPix campaign that I set up in a couple minutes (including uploading the video to YouTube and uploading a couple images). The Pro package includes a ton of extra templates that you can tailor to any situation. But that is not all.


You already know me. I am the guy who finds a way to break every piece of software I touch. This was no exception. But the funny part is that they support team was so fast that they solved my problem faster than my host solved a different problem I was having. I found that when I uploaded the plugin to one of my blogs, the PHP version was too old (5.3) and I needed to have my host update that to 5.4, but once I had installed and activated the plugin, some text wasn’t looking right on one of my campaigns. So I asked support about it, since I was using one of the ready made templates. Within a few hours, a new version of the plugin was available for download that fixed my problem.

So when a product comes well supported like VidPix Pro is, I am eager to tell people about it. (My host? Not so much – they are still trying to get my site working after 4 days).

So if you are looking for a video/optin form that makes your site look classy and uncluttered, this is a highly recommended plugin from WP Plugin Guide! And if you buy from the link below, you can get some pretty cool bonuses!



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Backend Profits Need A Little Boost?

Content Nitrous

People often wonder what sets apart
the REALLY profitable marketers from
those barely making a couple of bucks
here and there.

You know what I’m talking about. Some
marketers sell THOUSANDS of units
and seem to always get ALL the buzz
and all the JVs while others barely even
cause a tiny blip on the launch radar.


The Content Nitrous method for you to
TURBO CHARGE your back end profits
the way the Guru’s do it.

These methods and tools are what
separates the men from the boys and
you’ll be shocked at how easy it really is!

Sadly… most people that set out to
make money online often fall into the
“Feast or Famine” launch cycle.

Now you can avoid that traffic and boost
your profits by adding a simple line of
code to your websites!

Go check this out,
Micheal & Yvonne Savoie
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Content Nitrous

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Exclusive WP Resale License For The First 125 People

5 Hour Video Training on a Hot WordPress topic that Teaches End Users how-to-build a $5,000 looking WordPress Website for around $50 bucks.

Exclusive WordPress Resale License

Today you can promote an Ultra Premium Resale License to the course which is brand new and never been sold before.

The course includes…

  • The 5 Hour WordPress Websites Video Training Lessons.
  • A Full 50 plus page Kajabi Style members area re-sellers will upload to their servers and sell access to.
  • Transcripts of All 45 Lessons.
  • Audio Versions of All 45 Lessons.
  • Built in Facebook Community so members can chat about what they learn.
  • Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Training That Anyone With New Experience Can Follow And Succeed.
  • Email Solo Ads, 20 Banner Ads, Instagram Ads, and Re-seller Fliers For Local Marketing!
  • Two Resellers Sales Pages, just select which sales page you prefer , add your order link and you are in business in 10 minutes or less.

IMPORTANT: This is a seriously high end Resale License and it will be Ultra Exclusive because only 125 copies will be sold, and the rights will no longer be available.

Don’t take my word for it, check out all of the details right now at the link above and you will be well on your way to having a seriously high-end product you can resell forever.

To your Success,
Micheal & Yvonne Savoie

P.S. WordPress products always sell well. This is a very nicely done product that will have your customers thanking you for what they learn, grab your exclusive license today.

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Exploiting Google for UNFAIR amounts of FREE traffic!

Arrogant Bastard Hot Sauce: You aren't worthy!What if I told you there’s a way to force
your website to the top of Google and rapidly
build your list…

– without Slaving over SEO
– without Advertising
– without Press releases
– without Blackhat tricks
– without Creating content from scratch

See the Demo and my bonus here…

I Know It Sounds Crazy…

But the truth is…

we’ve been using this sneaky trick to get crazy
amounts of free traffic and subscribers, over
and over again…

And you deserve to know… How Big Companies Are Cheating The Traffic Game

(And How You Can Too)

It’s no secret… these websites are raking in millions of daily visitors.

But here’s the kicker…

They’re getting all this traffic without creating a single piece of content!

It sounds crazy… but Google loves curated content and often ranks it higher
than the original content, when done right.

Introducing Tube List Pro

Instantly turn your traffic-starved blog into an SEO friendly, lead generating, content packed video blog that automatically builds your list for you!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

Step 1
Drop some keywords into the control panel

Step 2
Choose how many videos you want to show up

Step 3
Add extra text to instantly add more SEO power in seconds

Boom! You now have a fully curated video page that brings
FREE traffic and can’t get shut down by Google…

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Micheal & Yvonne – Online Video Workshop

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Triple Your Traffic

The brand new Covert Hover Plugin just
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Covert Hover - New WordPress Plugin Triples Your Traffic By Compelling Visitors To Share Your Images On Social Media

This revolutionary plugin will triple your
blog traffic by compelling people to share
your content and images on social media.

But, it does a whole lot more than that,
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Your WordPress Site is LEAKING TRAFFIC

It’s time you did something about this problem.
50% of your traffic is being LOST….every day.

That’s a lot of sales, leads and income that
you’re not getting.

You need to do something. Find a way to FIX IT.

Luckily, I found a WordPress plugin that solves
this problem.

Website owners are raving about it.

Their website earnings have increased. Their
rankings have improved.
More sales and more
leads are coming in.

Do you want this for your website too?

Check out => ZeroBounce WordPress Plugin

It’s time you plug the hole that is leaking traffic
from your site.

HURRY – you get 70% off for the next few hours

ZeroBounce WordPress Plugin

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Micheal & Yvonne Savoie –
WordPress Plugin Guide 

PS – It’s a very simple, 1 click install plugin that will save
over 50% of your site’s traffic that you are losing everyday.

=> Watch this video and see how it works (must watch)

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