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Video Twitter and Traffic

Traffic Boosting Software Uses Video To Grab Attention & Push Leads To Your Sites, Offers & Promotions!

Use Video On Twitter And Send Highly Targeted Buyer Traffic

We all know that there are three main Social Media sites that marketers focus on.

– Twitter
– Facebook
– Pinterest

We also know that using Video in your marketing is going to increase the attention you receive from your engagement.

Twitter is re-capturing our attention as the growth of this platform is astounding! What’s more key for us as marketers, is the vast growth of business & niche users.

People are not just hanging out on Twitter for fun.

There are 43% Mobile users on Twitter – people love this microblogging platform when they’re on the road …If you haven’t already starting using Twitter we can confirm that it’s a growth platform with 2.1 billion search engine queries every day!

They aren’t just passing the time of day, they are already in a curious state and use the platform to find things to  tweet about, share & BUY! The traffic you send to your sites from your feeds, will be more likely to convert, more of the time.

Building your own Twitter feed can be tedious and time consuming.
Retweeting requires regular focus on your own feed and others …


A new Software Plugin is launching that’s going to help you boost your Authority, retweet and publish – on Autopilot!

VideoTweetPressr is a fresh, unique, never been seen before WordPress tool that’s going to revolutionize the way you use Twitter!

You know that…

Getting traffic to your sites is hard work.
VTPressr will boost your traffic, easily sending highly targeted visitors to your sites, your services and your offers.

To build any type of authority following to develop authority, takes a lot of time.
VTPressr will build your authority site for you on autopilot, just input the preferred sources and off it goes!

Facebook makes automation impossible but social networks are known to be great places to engage.
VTPressr cleverly targets Twitter followers and attracts them by niche and topic, now you can build your authority thread packed with Videos, images & content.

To use Twitter you’d normally need to manually add a comment, sit on your thread, and interact in person with your followers.
VTPressr posts from your WordPress site, no need to login to Twitter.

Adding new unique comments means repeatedly logging on or keeping another tab/app open all day.
VTPressr will add your own unique comments in between your automated Content posts for a completely natural feel.

Twitter gives you the ability to capture prospects attention & drive them to your websites and VideoTweetPressr puts it all on autopilot.

Grab VideoTweetPressr WordPress Plugin Today!


Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

Prosociate For Amazon Affiliates

Triple Your Amazon Associates Commissions

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Store Builder Plugin

Discover the Technology Breakthrough Which is Generating a 267% Increase in Amazon Affiliate Profits for Thousands of Users Right Now!

Introducing Prosociate 2.0 The Next Generation of Amazon Affiliate Profits​

We’ve Thought of Everything!

Amazon API
Our advanced API integration creates a seamless integration into your site without requiring a time consuming setup process.

Our integration with WooCommerce creates the perfect online shopping experience for your users. There is nothing else like it anywhere!

90 Day Cookies
Standard Amazon affiliate links only set 24 hour cookies, but our Amazon Cart integration locks in 90 days of profits from every user.

GEO Targeting
Generate WorldWide profits via our advanced GEO Targeting algorithm which auto detects where users are from so you can profit from ANYONE who visits your site no matter what country they are from!

WordPress SEO
Google Optimized
Auto generated “Product” Microdata and API Link generation for complete Optimization of your Amazon Products for the most out of the box search engine optimized plugin for Amazon anywhere!

Update Automatically
Fresh Data, New Products
Your products will auto update with the latest pricing data and content to keep you in Amazon’s good graces, plus, add new products to your site on auto as they are added to Amazon based on Your requirements!

Post Thousands of Products in Minutes!
Select your Amazon browsenode category, fine tune your results with ordering, and select keywords for a higher level of targeting; then Click!  That’s it!  You can fine tune categories you post to, post to draft, etc.

Simple 3 Step Installation
In Prosociate 2.0 we have made installation and setup a snap with our guided Step by Step process you can be setup and ready to go in just a few minutes.  Now you can build an unlimited number of Amazon Affiliate Stores faster than ever before!

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration!
With our Advanced Technology integration, your users can now experience a seamless online shopping experience like they would at thousands of online store​.

We have meshed the Amazon API and WooCommerce to create the ultimate Amazon Affiliate shopping tool. Making your site visitors happy and your wallet even happier. Happy customers mean bigger profits and you get that and more.

  Instant High Converting Product Pages!
Create high converting Product pages in the click of a button.  Let WooCommerce do the heavy lifting and watch your Profits go through the roof.  All users have to do is shop! Shop, Add to Cart, Buy!

  Prosociate 2.0 Users Start Making Money Fast!

Are You Tired of Wasting Your Time with Amazon Affiliate Plugins that Simply Don’t Work or Take Hours to Setup? So were we and that is why we created Prosociate in the first place.  No SEO, No Link Cloaking, No B.S.

With just a few clicks this Plugin will pay for itself and much much more!

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

SpeedAzon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Simple Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme With Built In SEO Allows You To Quickly Build More Sites and Get Higher Search Engine Results

speedazon-wso insiders

SpeedAzon is a WordPress theme specifically for people like you and me…Amazon affiliates who want to:

Build sites quickly…
Have them load quickly (in the top 10% of load speeds)…and
Have them show up high in the search engine results.

SpeedAzon has all of the Search Engine Optimization factors built in so you don’t have to install some big unwieldy SEO plugin that bogs your site down.

Plus, it pulls the core images and information for the product you’re promoting directly from Amazon, again, without any special plugins.

Best of all… it’s EASY TO USE. With SpeedAzon, you’ll soon be pumping out multiple affiliate sites per day — quick loading sites that have proper SEO strategies that are designed to get the visitor to click your link and get cookied with YOUR affiliate ID.

Sites that work best have 3 things in common:

  1. Each Site Is About A Single Product
  2. Search Engines Like The Content and
  3. The Successful Sites Load Quickly

SpeedAzon Requirements:

It Looks Great On Mobile Devices Too!

speedazon-mobile-wso insiders

With the Unlimited Personal License of SpeedAzon, you can build as many Amazon affiliate sites for yourself as you want.

Get Your License And Start Building Sites In Minutes.

Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

Very Nice Flybox Ads For Your Amazon Sites!

Azon Flybox

This display box automatically pulls products from Amazon, so once it’s activated it’s very much “set and forget”. The non-intrusive entry of the amazon ad box will definitely help capture visitor’s psychographic (mental visual) state of mind, hence allowing them to make a much better buying decision.

Check out the demo on this page:

Top WSOWSO: Video Spinner (Create Videos From Images & Text)

Simple Azon – Time Saving Amazon WordPress Plugin + Full Rebrand And Resell Rights For Under $10?

Reprint From:

Get 4 Premium WordPress Plugins for FREE with your purchase of SimpleAzon from my link – see the instructions here:



Watch this video and see why SimpleAzon is going to be the biggest breakthrough
for Amazon Affiliates since they created affiliate links!

Dave Guindon ( 12-year marketing veteran & software developer )
and Chris Guthrie ( Amazon affiliate expert .. earns over $94k )
… have once again teamed up for yet another highly
anticipated product launch this year.

I am offering a bonus to anyone who purchases through my link. Check it out:

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?

Rave Reviews For Azon Profit Poster

“You have made it much easier for anyone, especially technically challenged people, to monetize any site”
This Azon Profit Poster plugin rocks!
Great Plugin for anyone who wants to simplify adding Amazon products to their WP sites. You have made it much easier for anyone, especially technically challenged people, to monetize any site using short codes and an easy to follow plugin admin area.
The best thing for me was the flexibility of setting unlimited Amazon product tables for use on individual pages and posts via short codes. The plugin allows you to select Amazon products 3 different ways: “Best Sellers”; Keywords; and ASIN numbers. You can even display the Amazon products using widgets.
This should be in every Amazon affiliates money-making tool chest.
Thanks George!
Roger Nevard


….this will look awesome for any visitor that ends up on my blog
I’ve tested the Azon Profit Poster in full and i was amazed at how newbie proof it was to setup. In fact to prove how easy it is i got my wife to install it on my blog and she done it in a matter of minutes with no previous experience, you just insert your amazon affiliate id, choose from a few selective filters like the total amount of product views and customer review rating etc and you can even choose your amazon product price range to appear in your table,and then just click next and the end product looks fantastic, just a few clicks here and there and type in the niche and i had a lovely table inserted on my blog with the amazon products of my chosen niche.
And this will look awesome for any visitor that ends up on my blog too and i know it will shoot my amazon commissions through the roof too.
When my customers see this table on my blog they will be attracted to it and have to test it out, thus ending up at Amazon and making a purchase to increase my commissions.
For maximum potential the best way is to have the Azon Profit Poster plugin and the CB Profit Poster plugin both running side by side this looks awesome to have them both together. I highly recommend anyone to have this on their wp blog for visitor attraction, but for maximum potential to buy both plugins and the results will be phenominal. This is no doubt the best plugin i have on my blog today.
Well done George fro creating yet another newbie friendly but very powerful wp plugin.

How Azon Profit Poster Works:
Step 1: You select the criteria or “filters” you want: Keywords, , Amazon category, Amazon subcategory, minimum amount of total reviews, minimum average “star” rating and price range – and then click one button.
Step 2: Name your Amazon affiliate “table” and finalize its look. You can edit the content, change the order of items, or delete items altogether.
Step 3: Enter the table shortcode in your posts or pages. You can do so easily with a button above the edit-post text area.
Done! 🙂
3 great reasons to add Azon Profit Poster to your arsenal:
1) It makes your blogs more valuable to your visitors by easily adding eye-catching “top recommended products” sections on your blog…
2) The Amazon products listed in those tables will be the best ones and the ones that will give you the best chances to make money with…
3) You can easily customize each product entry in your affiliate “table” – you can edit the content, add your own HTML, change the call to action, upload a different button etc…

Try Azon Profit Poster today. Price goes up with every
single sale, so get your hands on it quickly 🙂

Personal license (unlimited domains you own)
Normal price: $47. Warriors currently get it for just:

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

Aggressive Affiliate Commissions Using Minisites? Megaprofits!

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or totally new to internet marketing, it’s hard to get started on any one business model without solid, actionable steps, right? More often than not, when a ton of info is thrown at you, information overload takes over and paralyzes you!

I have a friend – Lisa Gergets – who is an internet marketing coach, and one of her main business models is building and selling Amazon minisites, and teaching others to do the same. So you may be asking, “Why Amazon minisites?” Well here are just a few of the reasons this particular business model is so profitable:

  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – they literally have everything!
  • Creating these minisites is quick and easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge at all!
  • You don’t need to promote the sites – simply build them, and sell them. This is great if, like Lisa, you’re not crazy about the site promotion game.

Lisa has created Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits – an 18-video series outlining every single step to the system that she, herself, takes to research, create, and then sell these sites! And she sells between 5 and 10 of these each week. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line!


Now, Lisa normally sells this course for $97, but she’s agreed to lower the price to just $9.95 – but only for a limited time. AND, if you buy the Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits video course, you’ll be entered into a drawing for free personal coaching from Lisa! A lucky five winners will receive her full coaching for 30 days – and that includes contact via email, Skype and a three-times-a-week group Skype chat with her and her students!

Listen, if you could convince a site-flipping expert to give you hours of their time for less than ten bucks, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to do that? Get in on Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits now before it goes back up to $97!

Wish you nothing but success,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You can watch a free video about getting offline businesses

I am going to be creating  a 60 to 90 second video commercial
for each person who buys Cross Channel Mojo from my link
when the site launches next week… so make sure you only click
on my links.

Top WSOWSO WP Amazon Text Links Plugin!