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1 Minute WP Launcher

I just came across a really cool WordPress plugin
that launched a new blog in just 1 minute
(instead of the usual 30-60 mins it takes some people)




1) It uploads AND activates MULTIPLE
themes and plugins with just one click

2) It can delete any default unwanted content from
your blog. For example, “Hello World” post, default
page, unwanted sidebar widgets.

3) It creates all the proper extra pages for your blog,
like “contact us”, “earnings disclaimer”, “privacy policy”,
and “about us” – all with one click.

4) It modifies the blog title and description as well as
the permalink structure

5) It creates and schedules new posts and pages

6) All the above is done from ONE screen.

7) There’s also an “Apply all settings on this page”
button which will allow you to click ONE button
and have all the above happen automatically
(that’s if you are really lazy).


“the fastest way I know to set up your blog”

“A true 5 thumbs up”

“never seen such speed”

“Really easy to use”

“Everyone should get this plugin if they
build a lot of sites.”

“the next major step to simplifying and
speeding up the set up of our WP sites.”

“this will cut down the time and effort
required in a major way”

“it takes literally seconds, not
minutes/hours, to complete.”

“simple and incredibly intuitive”

“This plugin will pay for itself
the first time you use it”

Check out the plugin here:

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Master Power Over WordPress!

How Would you Like to Have Your Websites all Installed, Updated, Secured, Backed up and Cloned all With a Few clicks of Your Mouse?

All new software gives you complete control over all your WordPress sites!

Are you vulnerable to attack from hackers? If you don’t have a robust security plan, you are at risk! You could easily be hacked. I have had this happen to me several times. Stop living in fear. With our software you can update with security patches to new WordPress updates to ALL of your sites. We also have security plugins, you can automatically install and update, that will help to protect your site from hackers.

This is for ALL of your sites!

What if your server suddenly crashed? It can and does happen. Do you have backups of your site you could just easily replace the original with? We have you sorted with scheduled backups to up to 9 places, including cloud storage (Dropbox, AWS,Google Drive etc).

Don’t get caught unprepared. Get organized by having your sites protected by the totally automated All-in-One Set up, Secure, Backup and Clone Super System… this is YOUR SOLUTION for keeping your hair on your scalp! No more pulling it out every time something goes wrong or a new version of WordPress comes out!

Just Imagine Being Able To Automatically:

  • Install and Update Wordress
  • Install and Update Themes
  • Install and Update Plugins
  • Install and Update Essential Security Plugins
  • Clone a WordPress Site from One Domain To Another LIVE! in one click!
  • Install Scheduled Backup Solutions to 9 locations including 5 cloud locations like Dropbox, AWS, Google Storage etc
  • And More…


Grab this powerful tool before the price goes up to what it is really worth!

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

WP Traffic Magnet

WP Traffic Magnet

Automatic Content Distribution Machine

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wp traffic magnet-wso insiders

WP Traffic Magnet

Google Penguin Loooves Backlinks That Generate REAL Human Traffic

And Creates GENUINE Social Buzz…


WP Traffic Magnet-social sites-wso insiders

You’re About to Discover A Simple Tool That Gives YOU the Short-Cut Advantage to Drive Consistent TRAFFIC

Google Penguin Approved Links & Massive Social Buzz In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1-Publish Content On Your blog
Step 2-Add Custom Anchor Text
Step 3-Automate your post on the 11 Hottest Social Media Sites in mere seconds


Best of ALL, you do not need to invest hours to learn anything new – just enable the plugin on your WordPress blog and you are set for traffic and Google Love!

But you need to HURRY! This incredible offer will be removed Sunday, August 12th at 11:59PM Eastern!

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Cloak Tracker Plugin–Hides Affiliate Links And Tracks Results


Use your own domain to host your affiliate links and get lots of link juice from your own affiliate links!


Watch the demo…

Easy, right? Take advantage of this while the price is severely reduced!

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Amazon Commissions Will Grow To Goliath Proportions!



Associate Goliath WordPress Plugin

How Associate Goliath Works:

Step 1:
Enter your Amazon Associate ID (to get credit for the sales – can use same ID on multiple blogs)
Step 2: Enter your Access Key ID (free from Amazon – can use same Access Key ID on multiple blogs)
Step 3: Enter your Secret Access Key (free from Amazon – can use same Secret Access Key on multiple blogs)
Step 4: Select 4-5 keywords (optional)
Step 5: Select an Amazon category from the drop-down menu (optional. You can select category, or select keywords, or even both)
Step 6: Select an Amazon sub-category from the drop-down menu (optional)
Step 7: Select the number of posts you want to be added to your blog on a weekly basis
Step 8: Select how many posts you want to be scheduled on a weekly basis: 1, 3, 7, 15, 30 or 100.
Step 9: Select how many total posts you want to be scheduled on your blog (from 10 up to 100). You can run Associate Goliath again and again if you want to add more posts.
Step 10: Select the category (or categories) on your blog that you want the posts to be generated under
Step 11: Click the blue button
Then, Associate Goliath will do the following things, all on its own:
– Go to Amazon
– Find products that match the criteria you entered.
– Visit each product page one by one
– Retrieve the product title, product image, total rating (with stars), price, product description, product details, meta keywords and meta description from the page.
– Create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products!

This made WSO of The Day 1-13-2012

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SEO Video Sitemap Plugin


Watch this video!

This premium WordPress Plugin will create your Video Sitemaps to make your site rank higher for the videos on your blog and the keywords you have assigned to them!

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Get their Phone Number!

Just when you think you have seen it all,
this cool new WordPress Plugin called
Call 2 Continue requires that a visitor calls
a phone number to access hidden content!

This is cutting edge stuff…

Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Want to see the other cool WSO’s
going on?

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WP Plugin for Amazon

WP Dollar is the Ultimate Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

This Brand New WordPress Plugin Generates AUTOMATIC
Affiliate Links, Banners and Autoblog Review Posts
Niche-Specific To Your Blog.

wp dollar plugin

WP Dollar is the solution and is the only plugin to do all this in 1 package. Reviews, links, banners…’s all here. You can even schedule it to post for you on autopilot. WP Dollar can be posting reviews a year from now, without you doing a thing after setting it up.

Install in 4 Steps and Let WP Dollar Earn Automatic Amazon Commissions 365 Days A Year + 10 WordPress Niche Blogs Included!

Grab your WordPress plugin today and start getting your Amazon affiliate commissions!


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WordPress Automation Explosion

Each new piece of WordPress content you publish, no matter if it’s a WordPress post or a page, HAS IT’S OWN URL or LINK. That means that, in order for your readers to find that new content, you’ve got to add items to menus or add links to pages and sidebars, then HOPE and PRAY your readers see and click on those links.

Originally Posted by Terry JettView Post
What a great idea for a plugin Ken!

I have often wanted to rotate a few static pages on some affiliate blogs, this should make it simple.


Originally Posted by visimediaView Post
this one is similar with the one I bought from someone I thought from WF too,, but this one is cheaper.

This is a helpful plugin.

Originally Posted by icyguyView Post
Wow Ken Sar, this plugin just effectively a time saver. I am looking forward to see this in working. Ken has been a great marketer who provides a great and timely service. I am so happy seeing him releasing this product!
Originally Posted by Ken RenoView Post
Awesome plugin Ken! I can think of several uses for this for my HotWSO and BuyItThenApplyIt sites! I can rotate special offers/content on one page, and have it display to my users exactly when I want it to, I can’t do this with WordPress alone so it’s a big help and should save tons of time when I can UNpublish content automatically too!

Keep up the great work!

Originally Posted by cristimarinView Post
Hey buddy,
This is a good plug-in..I’ll get my copy right now
the video was enough for me…..


Originally Posted by Zubair ZmView Post
Sounds interesting. I have just purchased my copy.
thanks for WSO
Originally Posted by midiwhaleView Post
Thanks Ken
I’m in

I’m sure this has more uses than I can even think of.

Originally Posted by giaklingView Post
Great plugin with nice features that is a huge time saver. To me, time saved is surely a gain in life and money earned. How can I miss it? I am in.
Watch This Video Below

YouTube – ‪wpTimeDirect – WordPress…
Get Yours Now! Choose Either Personal Use Or Resale Right Option…See Below

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