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WP Profit Builder

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Top WSOWSO: Video Spinner (Create Videos From Images & Text)

1 Minute WP Launcher

I just came across a really cool WordPress plugin
that launched a new blog in just 1 minute
(instead of the usual 30-60 mins it takes some people)




1) It uploads AND activates MULTIPLE
themes and plugins with just one click

2) It can delete any default unwanted content from
your blog. For example, “Hello World” post, default
page, unwanted sidebar widgets.

3) It creates all the proper extra pages for your blog,
like “contact us”, “earnings disclaimer”, “privacy policy”,
and “about us” – all with one click.

4) It modifies the blog title and description as well as
the permalink structure

5) It creates and schedules new posts and pages

6) All the above is done from ONE screen.

7) There’s also an “Apply all settings on this page”
button which will allow you to click ONE button
and have all the above happen automatically
(that’s if you are really lazy).


“the fastest way I know to set up your blog”

“A true 5 thumbs up”

“never seen such speed”

“Really easy to use”

“Everyone should get this plugin if they
build a lot of sites.”

“the next major step to simplifying and
speeding up the set up of our WP sites.”

“this will cut down the time and effort
required in a major way”

“it takes literally seconds, not
minutes/hours, to complete.”

“simple and incredibly intuitive”

“This plugin will pay for itself
the first time you use it”

Check out the plugin here:

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Cash In On Christmas Traffic With This Beautifully Designed Blog Package

What I have here is a beautifully designed blog on the Christmas niche and integrated with Adsense ads which are optimized for high CTR too. The blog design is super cool so it really engages your visitors.


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