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Get Mass Exposure For Your Launch

Should You Launch Your Product Through ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus?

Don’t Settle For One When You Could Easily Have MULTIPLE NETWORKS (and their affiliates) Driving Sales 24×7 For You!

WP MassExposure Works with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, DigiResults, ProductPay, and Tons More!

1. Add Your Payment Buttons using the WP Payment Switch button to add a payment button. Add a button for EACH Affiliate Network of your choice.

2. Add Your URL {with a special code} to EACH Affiliate Network.

3. Start Using It!

PLUS…You Can Combine It With PayPal For Non Affiliate Sales And Save The Affiliate Network Fees.

This is a product full of everything you need to get started:

  • WP Mass Exposure With PLR
  • Rebranding Instructions show you how to easily add your name to the plugin.
  • Sales Page With Source, including the .png images.
  • Editable User Manual (.doc)
  • Branded And Unbranded Sales Videos. You get 2 versions of the sales video in MP4.

Limited Copies. Instant Download
Get WPMassExposure (with PLR) Today!


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Has the promise of a quick and easy WordPress site let you down?

With Cape/Without Cape

Many people recommend WordPress as the
ultimate solution for building websites online,
with good reason.

It’s not just for blogging anymore, in fact,
it’s become the standard for do it yourself
website builders who don’t want to be locked
into the LIMITATIONS of using the “site builders”
that many hosting companies provide and control.



Sure, you don’t need to know code, but the directions
can be a little tough to chew, for beginners.

WordPress has lots of great advice on their site,
for installation and set up, but let’s face it, you need
a Geek to English dictionary to follow along.

If you have set up a website before, you’ll find
some of the online tutorials easy to follow because
WordPress is after all, a whole lot better.

However, most of these online tutorials also
PRE-SUPPOSE that you already know a bunch,
and THEY seem to be just filling in the cracks.

Well, NOW there is something better!

Know WP takes you thru A-Z
with nothing left out.


It’s simple video tutorial style, where
you simply watch over a shoulder,
pause and then do!


SHAZAM POW! You have a beautiful website! 

What could be more simple?

No reading geek-speak ‘till your eyes
start to water, and no running to the web
to look up what the hell they are talking

All you need to do is follow the steps
and your progress will look like what
you see on screen!

Even if you’re a total screwball you
won’t end-up with a mess because
tracking your progress thru this
video course is so bone-headedly

If your screen doesn’t look like your
teacher’s, just rewind a few seconds
and you’ll get ‘er right.

Then move onward and upward.

So where do you find such an amazing

Just use this link:  


There is so much more than just
set up at Know WP too.

Not only will it get you set-up, but check
out all the other advanced tricks and tips
for WordPress you also get!

Don’t hesitate, this is far too great!

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1 Minute WP Launcher

I just came across a really cool WordPress plugin
that launched a new blog in just 1 minute
(instead of the usual 30-60 mins it takes some people)




1) It uploads AND activates MULTIPLE
themes and plugins with just one click

2) It can delete any default unwanted content from
your blog. For example, “Hello World” post, default
page, unwanted sidebar widgets.

3) It creates all the proper extra pages for your blog,
like “contact us”, “earnings disclaimer”, “privacy policy”,
and “about us” – all with one click.

4) It modifies the blog title and description as well as
the permalink structure

5) It creates and schedules new posts and pages

6) All the above is done from ONE screen.

7) There’s also an “Apply all settings on this page”
button which will allow you to click ONE button
and have all the above happen automatically
(that’s if you are really lazy).


“the fastest way I know to set up your blog”

“A true 5 thumbs up”

“never seen such speed”

“Really easy to use”

“Everyone should get this plugin if they
build a lot of sites.”

“the next major step to simplifying and
speeding up the set up of our WP sites.”

“this will cut down the time and effort
required in a major way”

“it takes literally seconds, not
minutes/hours, to complete.”

“simple and incredibly intuitive”

“This plugin will pay for itself
the first time you use it”

Check out the plugin here:

Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

Master Power Over WordPress!

How Would you Like to Have Your Websites all Installed, Updated, Secured, Backed up and Cloned all With a Few clicks of Your Mouse?

All new software gives you complete control over all your WordPress sites!

Are you vulnerable to attack from hackers? If you don’t have a robust security plan, you are at risk! You could easily be hacked. I have had this happen to me several times. Stop living in fear. With our software you can update with security patches to new WordPress updates to ALL of your sites. We also have security plugins, you can automatically install and update, that will help to protect your site from hackers.

This is for ALL of your sites!

What if your server suddenly crashed? It can and does happen. Do you have backups of your site you could just easily replace the original with? We have you sorted with scheduled backups to up to 9 places, including cloud storage (Dropbox, AWS,Google Drive etc).

Don’t get caught unprepared. Get organized by having your sites protected by the totally automated All-in-One Set up, Secure, Backup and Clone Super System… this is YOUR SOLUTION for keeping your hair on your scalp! No more pulling it out every time something goes wrong or a new version of WordPress comes out!

Just Imagine Being Able To Automatically:

  • Install and Update Wordress
  • Install and Update Themes
  • Install and Update Plugins
  • Install and Update Essential Security Plugins
  • Clone a WordPress Site from One Domain To Another LIVE! in one click!
  • Install Scheduled Backup Solutions to 9 locations including 5 cloud locations like Dropbox, AWS, Google Storage etc
  • And More…


Grab this powerful tool before the price goes up to what it is really worth!

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Google+ Plugin

Add The Google Plus Widget To Your Sidebar

You can add this Widget to your sidebar to display a link to your google+ profile so people can add you to a circle (follow you). It also displays your name, profile picture and the number of people who have you in circles.

It’s totally free. You can read more about it and download it here:

Google Plus Plugin

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WordPress Plugins For Fun & Profit Part 1

Installing plugins is important

Plugin Installation Helpers

When you install plugins, the hard way is to upload the plugin files to your blog’s wp-content/plugins/ directory. This is something that non techies will find a challenge doing the first few times. Save yourself the hassle by using the following two plugins to make your plugin installation as easy as possible.

Plugin Central –

Plugin Central is a comprehensive WordPress plugin solution. Main features are:

  • Install plugins directly by typing the name of plugin or the URL to zip file!
  • Multiple-plugin install feature allows you to move your plugins from one blog to another
  • Displays status of plugins in need of update on the Dashboard
  • Displays latest information from the plugin changelog
  • Update all plugins at once with a single click



Select Add New from the Plugins Menu.

Type “Plugin Central” into the search box and it should come up in the results window.


Then just click on the Install Now link below the plugin name and it will install automatically. In the resulting window, just click on the Activate Plugin link and you are finished.


Usage – To install plugins, just copy the plugin name or URL from the site and paste it into the large textbox under the Easy plugin Installation header. You can also use Plugin Central to list all of the plugins you already have installed. It will also show you in the dashboard which plugins need to be updated.


The next plugin you want to install does a similar task, but it will help you get plugins or themes installed with one click:

One Click Plugin Updater –

Having grown to far exceed it’s original aim – to provide easy plugin updates in WordPress – this plugin now deals with various aspects of plugin (and theme) installation and updating.

Feature Overview

  • Single-click plugin upgrades in WP 2.3 and up. The techniques that this plugin uses are slightly different from the built-in plugin upgrade feature in WP 2.5, so it’s possible that on some blogs the plugin updater works and the built-in updater doesn’t (or vice versa).
  • Upgrade all plugins with a single click (only in WP 2.5 and up).
  • Visually identify plugins that have update notifications enabled. They get a yellow-gold marker in the “Plugin Management” tab.
  • Quickly determine if there are any pending updates and how many plugins are active. This plugin displays that information right below the “Plugin Management” headline.
  • Configure how often WordPress checks for plugin and core updates, which module is used to upgrade plugins (this plugin or the built-in updater), and other options. See Plugins -> Upgrade Settings.
  • Easily install new plugins and themes (be sure to read the notes below). The plugin adds two new menus for this – Plugins -> Install a Plugin and Design -> Install a Theme.
  • Delete plugins and themes from the Plugins/Themes tabs.
  • Compatible with the OneClick Firefox Extension (up to version 2.1.2 of the plugin). Later versions use a new, improved FF addon : One-Click Installef for WP
  • Global plugin update notifications.
  • You can disable update notifications for inactive plugins.
  • You can hide the little update count blurb displayed on the “Plugins” menu.
  • Now with extra safety – uses the WordPress nonce mechanism for almost all tasks.

Additional Requirements

  • The CURL library installed or “allow url fopen” enabled in php.ini or WP 2.5 and up.
  • The plugins directory needs to be writable by the webserver (if you plan to use the upgrade/installer features of this plugin). The exact permission requirements vary by server, though CHMOD 666 should be sufficient.



Select Add New from the Plugins Menu.

Type “Plugin Updater” into the search box and it should come up in the results window.


Then just click on the Install Now link below the One Click Plugin Updater and it will install automatically. In the resulting window, just click on the Activate Plugin link and you are finished.


Usage – once activated, the Appearance and Plugins menus will each have a new item Install A Theme and Install A Plugin. When you need to install a plugin or theme that is on your computer or that you have a link to the zip file, you can click on the corresponding link to get to One Click Plugin Updater.


Once you select it, you will have a screen where you can choose whether you are installing from the URL or from your computer (FILE).

install-screen URL Installation:

If installing from URL, paste or type the entire URL for the plugin or theme into the text box, including the http://. The end of the link should be .zip, because you are going to have to have a zip file for the plugin or theme. All of the themes you get from will be in this format.

Select the appropriate file type in the drop down menu under the URL you entered – Either Plugin or Theme.

Next you click Install underneath the drop down for the file you are uploading.

File Installation:

If installing from a File on your computer, you must know where it is located on your computer. Once you click on Choose File, a dialog box will appear to have you select the file. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the plugin zip file and then click on the file name and then click Open.

Select the appropriate file type in the drop down menu under the file you chose – Either Plugin or Theme.

Next you click Install underneath the drop down for the file you are uploading.

After the installation is complete, you simply click on the Activate Plugin link.

WordPress Simplicity (Paid Plugin) –

This plugin gives you the ability to do many of the tasks that you should be doing on your blog with the click of a couple buttons. It includes the Plugin Central plugin above, PLUS the links to all of the top WordPress Plugins that bloggers have been recommending. You can easily go through the list and find the names you need, then copy and paste the name into Plugin Central and then install them quickly and easily.

Watch the video on the sales page to see how WP Simplicity can save you a LOT of time. You can use the Content module to find articles to post on your website! How cool is that?

Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions