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Amazon Commissions Will Grow To Goliath Proportions!



Associate Goliath WordPress Plugin

How Associate Goliath Works:

Step 1:
Enter your Amazon Associate ID (to get credit for the sales – can use same ID on multiple blogs)
Step 2: Enter your Access Key ID (free from Amazon – can use same Access Key ID on multiple blogs)
Step 3: Enter your Secret Access Key (free from Amazon – can use same Secret Access Key on multiple blogs)
Step 4: Select 4-5 keywords (optional)
Step 5: Select an Amazon category from the drop-down menu (optional. You can select category, or select keywords, or even both)
Step 6: Select an Amazon sub-category from the drop-down menu (optional)
Step 7: Select the number of posts you want to be added to your blog on a weekly basis
Step 8: Select how many posts you want to be scheduled on a weekly basis: 1, 3, 7, 15, 30 or 100.
Step 9: Select how many total posts you want to be scheduled on your blog (from 10 up to 100). You can run Associate Goliath again and again if you want to add more posts.
Step 10: Select the category (or categories) on your blog that you want the posts to be generated under
Step 11: Click the blue button
Then, Associate Goliath will do the following things, all on its own:
– Go to Amazon
– Find products that match the criteria you entered.
– Visit each product page one by one
– Retrieve the product title, product image, total rating (with stars), price, product description, product details, meta keywords and meta description from the page.
– Create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products!

This made WSO of The Day 1-13-2012

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Uber Optin WordPress Plugin Works With All List Managers!

Uber Optin: The Email Marketing Plugin Every WordPress Site Must Have for List Building!

That’s because I am a complete WordPress Geek and I try to help out as many people as I can with WordPress related problems. That’s why I’ve decided to launch this plugin here first.

This plugin fills a need for every internet marketer who uses WordPress to have the best and easist to use plugin for adding optin forms to their website.

The best part is that the plugin comes complete with templates that were designed for marketers just like you.

Do you want an eye-catching optin form for a free report you are giving away?

Do you want to include a cover image of that free report?

Do you want to put that form on both your sidebar and in posts and pages?

Then this is the perfect plugin for you!

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Get their Phone Number!

Just when you think you have seen it all,
this cool new WordPress Plugin called
Call 2 Continue requires that a visitor calls
a phone number to access hidden content!

This is cutting edge stuff…

Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

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