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Video Biz Builder

Are You Tired Of Chasing After Offline Prospects With Nothing But Wasted Time And Dial Tones To Show For It?

If you’ve been in offline marketing for any length of time, you know the feeling.  Business owners are too busy. No one wants to be interrupted at work to get “pitched” to. And let’s not even get started on the “gatekeepers”!

Cold Calling Is Not Just A Pain
It’s A Complete Waste Of Everyone’s Time

We’ve found a solution that combines two of the most powerful marketing strategies, video & email, with an industry that is booming and ripe for the picking – Mobile Marketing!

Perfect tools for creating a simple system, that can be replicated quickly and easily, over and over again, without any special technical knowledge.

It’s An Easy 3 Step System

Step 1: Email your prospect (we will show you how to find prospects emails).
Step 2: Prospect views an amazing video that engages their interest.
Step 3: Prospect is compelled to reach out to YOU and enters their information. Including phone number and best time to call!


Get White Label Rights To This POWERFUL “Death Of Cold Calling” System And Never Pick Up The Phone To Generate A Lead Again!

The Perfect Tools & Tactics To Increase Your Exposure In Your Marketplace Starting Today!

  • Video Biz Builder WordPress Theme
  • Two Hypnotic Whiteboard Videos with PLR Rights
  • Tracking Spreadsheet (critical to your success)
  • Video Biz Builder Detailed Training Course

If you are working as a marketing consultant, and you want to help more businesses realize the Power of Mobile Marketing, this will be your most powerful Lead Generation tool.

Don’t let the fear of not knowing how to fulfill services keep you from the successful business you deserve. Spend LESS time prospecting and MORE time growing your business.

Harness the power of Video Biz Builder Mobile Edition, land clients, and see the results you deserve today.


Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin



We faced the same issue within our “Mobile Website Design” business!
We couldn’t show off all of our portfolio of designs because there were too many, and the only page we could place our designs was our actual portfolio page, which not everyone visited.
We wanted to show them off all over our website in the most professional way possible….
So, we decided to create the ULTIMATE portfolio showcasing tool that not only allowed us to upload ALL of our mobile website designs into 1 smartphone template, but, it actually showed them off in a professional way automatically for us, anytime anyone hit our website…and wherever we wanted to do it on our website!
Today, we are giving everybody else the opportunity to do the same!



Watch this!


What Is Mobile Slider PRO?

Mobile Slider PRO is the ultimate “Portfolio Showcase” plugin for those wanting to show off their “Mobile Websites” and “Mobile Apps” in the form of smartphone templates. In fact, you can show any image off in the form of a smartphone template.
We created this based on a need for showing off our own mobile website portfolio on our website in a much more professional way.

Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

Black Piranha themes- Offline themes that bring in more per sale


You can easily change any element within these themes and apply custom requirements for your clients. As you can see, they are ready to go and contain all necessary features for a cutting edge modern business..your clients will LOVE IT.


  • 3 HOT business niche Word press themes
    which are in demand for websites.
  • Well designed, clean interface with flexible
    pages ready to go.
  • Social media ready
  • Flexible Mobile Responsive design
  • Free Lifetime Updates

Top WSOWSO: Speed Up Your Blog

Top Selling WSOs On WSOInsiders

Today on Blogging With Micheal we talked about the top selling Warrior Special Offers on the Fan Page.

Number one was Marketing With Alex Jeffreys, a $997 coaching program that is currently sizzling at only $37!

Second place is the Offline Marketing System known as the Bob Ross M3 System:

Third place went to an Offline WordPress Theme known as PremoPress:

And honorable mention went to the Lite Version of Evergreen Business System (EBS):

During the show, I mentioned how if you aren’t certain how you will use the EBS system to make money, you should definitely invest in the Lite version, where you get unlimited use of the system for only one webinar. If you don’t make any money from that webinar, you only invested $97 instead of $497. But if you find yourself killing it with that one webinar, and want to branch out into other markets, then jump on the $497 version at:

Tune in next week, where we will discuss more traffic generating tips and how you can build a list. We may even discuss blogging, too!

ACME Plugin Bundle

Massive collection of WordPress Plugins to make your blogging easier!



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How Is Your Client’s Social Reach?

Do you work with local clients?

A modern business needs to cover all the bases when putting together its social media presence and methods that allow its customers to get in touch.

Businesses needs to understand the positive aspects, as well as keep account of the risks by using predictive analytics, which they can learn all about on Salesforce. As its a crucial step, business owners must take into account the finances as one wrong move could potentially lead to losing many clients.

Introducing WP Total Contact

WP Total Contact is the first plugin of its kind. With our plugin you can set up a powerful social media and contact hub that appears consistently on every page of your website (or your clients website) with minimum fuss. Because it’s a wordpress plugin, it integrates seamlessly and won’t mess up your current site layout.

With WP Total Contact:

  • Customers will know they are one click away from any of your social media channels or contact methods.
  • People can directly access your phone number or skype….if you enable those features….meaning a question or sale is only a few clicks away.
  • It reassures customers to see that you have such an open, easy to use contact system and reassures them. How many times have you been on some bank website (they always annoy me!) where the contact number was practically hidden away? Don’t hide from customers, put your info where they can find it.

So, how do you do all this in WP Total Contact? With a simple, powerful plugin that you can install in minutes. Check out the features:

  • Custom text area for your slogan, title or anything else you find relevant
  • Ability to add credits and an affiliate link directly in the plugins overlay
  • Twitter Feed integration
  • Facebook Proflile or Fan Page link
  • LinkedIn Profile integration
  • Google Maps: this is a huge feature! Most people charge a fee to set up a basic google maps listing, now you can do that and hook it into a direct map to your clients business that appears on every page consistently.
  • Direct contact link to your “contact us” page if you want to use one
  • Live Skype Status: people can see if you are online and get in touch
  • 8 Color Options provide ultimate design flexibility so you can style this as required for any of your sites, or client sites
  • “Promo Mode Option” to use for Affiliate Offers or any other item you like. This transfroms WP Total Contact from a central social media and contact hub into a slick advertisement area for a special offer or anything you like
  • Promo Mode lets you define your own image, link and promo text providing huge amounts of flexibility.


You can see it in action on our demo links below, but here is a screenshot of the google maps integration and skype function:



Pretty cool, right? Read more about this incredible plugin:

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Premium Business Themes For Your Professional Client Needs

If you are a marketing consultant, it can be frustrating trying to find a set of WordPress Themes that are ready for a professional client… unless you have the Premium Business Themes from John Reddoch and Bill Clemens! These guys have made it their business to look professional. In fact, they have clients paying them thousands of dollars a month to keep their online image looking sharp and crisp!

So they created a set of WordPress Premium Themes that they use for their clients. And now, these same themes are available to you, too!


These are the thumbnails of the designs that you can see on their sales page.





With the marketing consultant industry becoming more cluttered with people who are trying to wing it, you should stand apart from the rest by having a collection of high quality business themes that you can delight your clients with!

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

Total SMS Domination With 10-minute Setup WordPress Software[Offline Niche]

How Could a 10-minute Setup Lead To Financial Freedom Through Total SMS Domination In Your Local Area?


The SMS Reseller WordPress Plugin gives you powerful functionality.

With this WSO you get a WordPress plugin that transforms your site into an SMS reselling platform.

You will also sign-up to the support forum.

On the user side:
Users will be able to buy phone numbers – at whatever price you set
They will be able to send SMS Texts according to the package they have paid for
They will also be able to manually enter a list of subscribers
They can also export a CSV file for integration with other software/providers

On the admin side:
You have absolute control!
You can set the price for Premium upgrade (after free trial)
You can set the price for each SMS Package

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?