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ProStyler Theme

Out With The Old.. In With The New [Your Business Depends On It]

It’s so so important to have an updated, fresh, clean website
that functions seamlessly with your WordPress Install.

However.. We ALL know it’s not so simple, it’s a battle.. It’s
either too time consuming to do, or impossible due to technical

WELL. NOT any more my friends… Introducing “ProStyler Theme”

The latest WP Theme to take the internet by storm has just
gone live and is at a considerable discount over 50% off!

This ProStyler Theme has been known to dwarf any competing theme
out there…


With “one click” installs, ProStyler (PS) cannot be beat.. along with
a page builder plugin that auto installs with the theme itself
it saves you time and effort when searching for it.

The features built into PS are varied, efficient and easy to use..

These help you to recreate ANY website you like the look of and
within no time at all.

The PS Theme Team have tried and tested this theme to the best
of our abilities to ensure the theme works flawlessly and to a
high level of quality.

Here’s the Demo – See How Easy It all Works! <=

So, you’re wondering “What Features?” huh.. I thought so..

Here’s a list of just some:

Easily Insert Galleries:

Its point and click easy just pick your pictures and drop
them in the page ready to open up in a lightbox!

Responsive On All Devices:

Never lose a mobile customer again! The theme works on ALL
devices right out of the box!

Shortcode Magic:

If you want to make your web pages sparkle then you can choose
from hundreds of different shortcodes to give your pages
the “wow” factor.

The Best Admin Panel!:

Comfortably work your way around the admin panel & quickly
customize your theme to your exact requirements.

FOUR Instant Presets:

With just two clicks you can completely transform Pro Styler
with one of the four ready made presets giving you a foundation
to customize further!

Header Customization:

3 different header layout options are ready to go. From there
you can quickly readjust your logo, add social icons and much more!

Endless Color:

Change the color scheme throughout the whole theme with our
advanced color selectors found in the powerful options panel.

Responsive Image Slider:

Create stunning slides for your website that work on every
device. Add images, video and animation to really keep your
audience hooked!

One Page Website:

If you’re an internet marketer that only requires one page
sites to make money then add a section element, add it to
your menu and you’re done

Honestly… I could go on and on and on… There’s no need…

Just See MORE Here! <=

I can’t write all the features… I would never have time to
send out this email! And they have even added bonuses, too!

You’ll definitely want to check them out ASAP!


Yvonne & Micheal – WordPress Plugin Guide 

PS – We are actually using this theme on a new website of ours.
It was easy to set up and it really is very powerful!

Grab this theme at the lowest possible price:

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?

Quick Video Sales Machine

Turn Your Ordinary WordPress Theme Into A Video Sales Machine

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words And Video Is A VERY Powerful Force On The Web.

Video Sales Machine is an any to use, step-by-step WordPress Theme that will turn your videos into a powerful lead magnet.

  • Instantly add your own video presentation or YouTube or direct video URL.
  • Include a delay button, or delay content. You decide when they appear.
  • Add an Exit Pop-up. If your visitors close your offer you can offer something different or build your list.

Quick Video Sales Machine includes 7 Themes and Developer’s License! Grab your copy today and get the extra Bonuses!


Top WSOWSO: Speed Up Your Blog

Complete WooCommerce Site

Complete WooCommerce Site With Over $3K Worth Extensions & Themes


A state of the art Woo Commerce Theme ready for your products:

redAffiliate Products
redShopping Cart Built In

SEVENTEEN Great Woo Commerce extensions included with UNLIMITED LICENSE

Check Out the “Unlimited Use” Woo Commerce Extensions Included
bul_10Aweber Newsletter Subscription Extension
bul_10Follow Up Emails
bul_10Wishlist Member Integration
bul_10Product Bundles
bul_10Product CSV Import
bul_10Smart Coupons
bul_10Shipment Tracking
bul_10FedEX Shipping
bul_10Amazon S3 Storage
bul_10Table Rate Shipping
bul_10Review For Discount
bul_10Print Invoices & Packing Lists
bul_10USPS Shipping Method
bul_10PayPal Advanced
bul_10LINNWORKS Integration DPM
bul_10Dynamic Pricing

SIX Additional Woo Commerce themes included if you want to change the theme.

Easy To Use: Just install WordPress, activate your extensions and start adding your products and taking orders. Get paid through PayPal or a Merchant Account of your choice (many other payment gateways available at Woo Themes).

So For The Price Of ONE Extension – You Get The WHOLE Bundle! If you use WooCommerce or were ever considering using it –  NOW is the time to grab this fantastic deal!


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Summer Heat? This is COOL!

Introducing Sales Automation Engine v2.0

This is a NEW & Unique Software that…

… Helps you BUILD LISTS.

All DONE FOR YOU in just a few clicks!

This comes PRE-LOADED with
20 Ready to Launch Sales Funnels
that are already built into it.

Perfect for any PLR or Email Marketer. Check out my bonus:

Discover how to make more sales with email marketing – Email List Mastery

WPInkslinger Theme from PremoPress –

Beautiful WP Themes using the powerful video salesletter option –

Looking for an “in demand” PLR software product with a complete funnel?

The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool

  • “Reverse Engineer” Any Kindle Category With a Single Click!
  • Find “Best Selling” Book Topics & Title Ideas In Seconds
  • Spy On Competitors & “Swipe” Their Most Profitable Niches
  • Analyse the Kindle Search Results To Identify Niche Potential
  • Installation Takes Less Than 4 Seconds – Seriously … No Joke!
  • “Lifetime Updates” To The Software



  • Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

    New Products For July 22 2014

    Discover how to make more sales with email marketing – Email List Mastery

    WPInkslinger Theme from PremoPress –

    Beautiful WP Themes using the powerful video salesletter option –

    Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

    Covert TShirt Store WordPress Theme

    Have Your Very Own Profit Pulling T-Shirt Store Up & Running In Just 5 Minutes From Now

    covert shirt store product

    Print on demand sites like Teespring have revolutionized the t-shirt business. Now every one can design a t-shirt and immediately start selling it online, without having to worry about stock, production cost or anything like that.


    Covert Shirt Store is a super simple to use WordPress theme and it only takes one click install! covert shirt store look

    That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

    That’s right… Straight out of the box – the Covert Shirt Store theme comes with all the functionality of the big ecommerce sites.

    • Your visitors can browse your stores and search for t-shirts they like
    • They can join your newsletter and automatically be added to your autoresponder
    • They can follow your store on social media and share your t-shirts with their friends
    • Covert Shirt Store is self optimizing, automatically showing the most popular t-shirts first – maximizing your profits!
    • And much more…

    And this is NOT some fake theme that imitates a real eCommerce site…

    Adding your own T-shirts to your stores is super easy.
    With literally a single click you can import all your t-shirts from Teespring and Skreened and automatically add them to your Covert Shirt Store. You can even set an expiry date on your Teespring shirts and when the campaign expires these shirts will be removed from the site, put back as drafts ready for you to re-activate.

    But the real power of this theme is that you don’t have to create your own t-shirts!
    You can add t-shirts from Amazon or from Skreened (using their affiliate program) and earn a commission every time you sell someone else’s shirts.
    You simply choose what keyword to search for on which networks (and how many results you want to get)

    You can literally fill your new store with great selling t-shirts in mere minutes… Without ever having to write a single word or create a single t-shirt yourself!

    After you have added some t-shirts, the real power of the theme kicks in – because this is…covert shirt store optimize

    No more guessing what will convert best to your visitors.
    The theme will track impressions and clicks for every single t-shirt in your store…
    And by default it will automatically show the most popular shirts at the top of your store!

    People always say that “the money is in the list!”… and that’s 100% true!
    And with Covert Shirt Store you will automatically build a list of customers… and since they signed up to join your t-shirt store you know exactly what they are interested in buying!
    Being able to sell to the same people again and againwithout extra effort or cost – is the secret key to success in the t-shirt market!

    And that’s why we decided to take this to the next level…
    Not only will Covert Shirt Store build your email on auto pilot, the lightbox pop ups will also rotate between ads getting you followers in Pinterest, Wanelo, Tumblr and Facebook like this…

    covert shirt store social media

    Because your Covert Shirt Stores will be based on WordPress they will be very search engine friendly, building free organic traffic over time, and…

    On top of the automatic list building and social followers will generate for your store…
    Both you and your subscribers… and indeed anyone who visits your Covert Shirt Store sites can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Wanelo, Google+ & LinkedIn

    From the front page they can also click to follow you on all the social networks – giving you another way to reach your customers over and over again…

    And finally… We’ve saved the best bit for last! The Covert Shirt Store theme lets your visitors comment on your post using Facebook comments! Because every time someone comments on a product in your store – the product will be posted on their Facebook wall complete with a link back to your store!

    The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed… Covert TShirt Store really is the most effective way to generate more clicks, leads, traffic & t-shirt sales from your blog!

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    Rapid Mailer WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

    Rapid Mailer is the Ultimate Self-Managed WordPress Autoresponder Platform to Maximize Your Email Marketing



    Rapid Mailer + WordPress

    IMSC Rapid Mailer integrates directly with WordPress for the ultimate flexibility and power. It installs as a regular plugin and you control all aspects of your email marketing right from your own website…


    mirrror-imscrapidm-qrcode-LARGERapid Importing with No Restrictions

    Unlike other autoresponder systems, you can just import your contacts and leads and get started. No messing around with re-confirmation of leads or facing an inquisition about how you built your list…

    IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

    • Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
    • Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
    • Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
    • New Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
    • Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking



    Create campaigns, send broadcasts and track activity right from your mobile phone, iPad or desktop…

    designEasy Email Editor

    Our built in editor allows you to easily create powerful and beautiful emails that demand attention…

    segmentingSegmenting & Groups

    Easily split, migrate, segment and group your leads and lists as you see fit. Yep, we’re that flexible…


    blogbroadcastsBlog Broadcasts

    Instantly broadcast your new blog post to all your subscribers with just a few clicks for easy content marketing…


    We have packed a ton of power into Rapid Mailer and many unique features you won’t find in any other Autoresponder or Email Management platform.

    • Awesome Themes and Templates
    • Amazing Statistics and Tracking
    • Easy Third-Party Sender Integration
    • Automated Can Spam Compliance

    • Batch Sending Avoids Bottlenecks

    • Double or Single Opt-In – Your Choice…

    • DKIM Wizard for Digitally Signing Emails

    • Auto Import All WordPress Members

    • Easy Squeeze Page Integration

    • Powerful Social Media Integration

    RapidMailer is a Great Back Up Email System as Well…

    Even if you have an existing autoresponder or email service, Rapid Mailer is a fantastic back up email system in case your service suffers any outages or DDOS attacks…

    Don’t risk your profits…Grab Your Copy Right Now!

    Top WSOWSO: JV Mastermind

    Covert Viral Wizard Theme



    Covert Viral Wizard Theme

    I just found this super hot new WordPress
    theme that makes your blog look, feel and
    work just like Tumblr!


    Tumblr is super hot right now – it’s the
    fastest growing social network in the
    world and it has some of the most active

    Millions of users have already been
    “trained” to use Tumblr in a certain
    way – Many of them have become outright
    addicted to it.

    So by using this new “Covert Viral Wizard”
    theme you are tapping into all that
    buzz – and it will really give your
    blog a huge boost.

    People are much more likely to spend
    more time on our site, notice you ads
    and click on your links.

    And perhaps more importantly – your
    social sharing stats and traffic will
    go through the roof as people reblog,
    like, share and comment on your posts.


    The new Covert Viral Wizard theme is
    available at a special launch discount,
    and it’s still dirt cheap.

    However the price will go up very soon!

    I recommend that you check it out now –
    it’s really good – and you’d want to get
    in before the price goes up!


    To your success,
    – Micheal –

    Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

    Oke Zoner Theme Makes Your Amazon Store Come To Life!

    WPZoner ThemeThere’s a brand new theme that just hit the scene, this theme is specifically designed to increase your amazon commissions:


    There are so many cool features in this theme:

    • Beautiful CSS Theme Colors
      You can customize the colors and the background pattern to create every single blog unique appearance without replacing a single piece of code
    • Quick & Easy Setup/Installation
      Upload, Activate, Save Theme Options, and Saving Your Time!
    • Built in Banner Advertising
      You Can Easily Insert Ad Code or Product Banner Advertising Within This Theme
    • Featured Product Sliders Ready
      No Hassle To Setup Anymore, Just Select to Activate!
    • Auto Thumbnail with TimThumb
      TimThumb Really Helps You to Create Thumbnails from Image Post
    • Integrated with Social Bookmark
      Social Bookmark Ready to Share Your Product Reviews
    • Customized Product Search with Categories
      No More Plugins, We Have Built it into this Amazing WP Theme
    • All Theme Controls Are In Your Hands!
      No Messing Around, OKEZoner theme’s Admin Panel Make it Easy!
    • And much, much more…

    Just see the demo here:


    We may make a commission from your purchase of this recommended product. We are compensated for telling you about these new plugins and themes!

    Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin