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Build An SMS (Text Messaging) List From Your Blog




WpSmsWizard just re-launched at a significantly lower
price than what they are regularly selling it for.

It is being sold for $97 at the main site. But for this
re-launch, you can get it for just $27! Yes, that’s a huge
$70 off!

However, you need to act fast, it is only available for
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What is it?

WPSMSWizard is a tool that allows you to create a
text message list that you can market to using your
WordPress Blog! I don’t have time to go into all of the
features and benefits, but I will say that this will open
up the possibilities for you to market your services to
the offline (local) market.

Price goes back up in a couple days!

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SMS Marketing For Fun And Profit

You know that SMS (text messages) get looked at 97% compared
to a drastically smaller number for emails. That explains why Chili’s,
Wendy’s, Subway, Pizza Hut and hundreds of other restaurants
have ditched other programs to concentrate on SMS marketing.


Watch the demo video.


As you can imagine, anything you can do to make it easier for you
to help your clients get more customers will impact your bottom
line. This is a service you can easily offer to your existing clients
and get new clients.

Get Up To 97% Open Rate With wpSMSWizard (You Might Win A Copy Of This Plugin)

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Yes, you might be one of the lucky customers who will be RANDOMLY selected and get your purchase price back from us! If you are selected we will send you the amount you paid back to your PayPal email address . Note: that we can’t send you a “refund” as that will de-activate your license so you will have to pay the small fee to receive the payment we send.

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Total SMS Domination With 10-minute Setup WordPress Software[Offline Niche]

How Could a 10-minute Setup Lead To Financial Freedom Through Total SMS Domination In Your Local Area?


The SMS Reseller WordPress Plugin gives you powerful functionality.

With this WSO you get a WordPress plugin that transforms your site into an SMS reselling platform.

You will also sign-up to the support forum.

On the user side:
Users will be able to buy phone numbers – at whatever price you set
They will be able to send SMS Texts according to the package they have paid for
They will also be able to manually enter a list of subscribers
They can also export a CSV file for integration with other software/providers

On the admin side:
You have absolute control!
You can set the price for Premium upgrade (after free trial)
You can set the price for each SMS Package

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Why You Need SMS…

Ok, not everyone needs SMS. But businesses do.

SMS is the messaging system that allows you to send text messages. There are lots of ways to set yourself up for sending text messages, but you want to find one that allows you to send messages at no charge.

But why would you need to send text messages, anyway?

I used to wonder… until I saw the power of it with Twitter. Back when Twitter was pretty new, you could send Tweets to someone’s cell phone via SMS. Once they had too many people following them, it became impossible.

But you can use SMS for a lot of cool ways to deliver an amazing amount of value to your customers! First, you can use SMS for service oriented business. You are repairing their car, and when the car is ready, you send a text message telling them they can come pick it up.

Pharmacies use SMS to text customers that their prescriptions are ready.

Restaurants use SMS to text people when they are having a special. Instant coupons are a great way to fill a restaurant quickly.

Webinar reminders.

You are having an important webinar, you have people register, and after they have registered, you have them give you their cell number so you can alert them 5 minutes before the webinar starts! Talk about filling up your webinars!

Coaching calls, text all your clients 5 minutes before your appointment, to have them ready to go.

How much better would your calls be when everyone was there on time?

Best of all, this functionality is available in a WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the SMS system at no charge!

WordPress and SMS?

Oh yes I did. I just said WordPress and SMS in the same sentence. Imagine using your company blog to build a list of optins and a list of SMS subscribers! All from one plugin! This was demonstrated by George and Evan from Marketing Online Workshop, in a webinar on Thursday Night. I was totally amazed at how easy it was for them to set it up and start collecting email addresses using aweber and getresponse (They are planning on adding the functionality of other Autoresponders in updates) while also collecting the cell numbers of those who want to get text messages.

Why Text Messages?

One of the reasons that SMS is so popular is that it has a 95% open rate. Within minutes of sending out a text message, the user has read it. If you have a direct response message where they can take an immediate action, you can see within 10 minutes whether your message was effective.

This is incredible! You cannot get that kind of response with email. Sometimes you will have someone open your email three months after you sent out a promo! So much for filling that webinar…lol.

Anyway, if you would like to have the power of SMS from your WordPress blog, this plugin is a must have! Get it here:

But wait! There’s more!

If you get this now, George and Evan will also give you their Facebook Fan Page WordPress Plugin. The cool part about this plugin is that it allows you to place your blog on a Facebook Fan Page – either the whole blog, or selected posts and pages. As a side effect, it also makes your blog Cell Phone ready, meaning people will be able to see your content better on their cell phones, because the dimensions will accommodate the cell phone browsers.

Grab it now, before they decide to take away the Facebook Plugin, which sells for $97 on its own!

You will also get 30 days free access to their Gold Membership, which gives you access to any new WordPress Plugin that they develop. The training videos that are included are incredibly helpful, as George and Evan show you step by step how to do many of the common tasks that business owners will need to get online.

So here is the link again, and as a bonus, I will help you with your setup, just schedule it with me and I will get you set up to capture leads and send them both emails and text messages.

SMS is a new technology for a lot of businesses, and many of them are scared to try something new, because they think it is going to be too expensive! This is one of those deals that will pay off time and time again if you put it to use!

You get both SMS functionality, and Facebook Social Power in this deal from the Marketing Online Workshop team. If I wasn’t already a gold member, I would sign up for this one.

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