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YouTube Money Magnets

3 Simple Email-List-Building Profit Increasing Tools

Built Into 1 Light Weight Plugin!

Mobile Tested And Friendly

Add your videos and edit them with the amazing options in WP YouTube Money Magnets.

Use any YouTube video. You do not need the embed code, you simply copy the URL and paste it in, it auto populates the video ID.

You can add your own post under the video to add SEO, an opt in, or any content you want to add.

That little title at the top of the video that links to the original maker of the owners site?…You can hide it! And you can add your own!

Auto start, start with a delayed timer…auto redirect when the video is finished, show controls-or don’t, add a video thumbnail. The options you can choose with this plugin give you complete control.

Build an email list. Sell affiliate products, redirect to CPA offers, the sky is the limit with WP YouTube Money Magnets WordPress Plugin!

Full Window YouTube Video Removes The Visitor’s Temptation To Scroll Down
Redirect To URLs:
Redirect visitors to your main offer, another page or another website at any point.
Offer Direct Sales:
Grab their attention with offers presented right in the center of the video after it’s done.
Build Email Lists:
While your viewers are still watching, offer them something more for opting in to your list.
Offer Video Replays:
Sometimes your viewers get distracted, or maybe you only want to show the video.
Reduce The Size Of The Video:
Once your video is done playing, reduce it to normal size and present your main content.

Stunning Time Delayed Content
(Establish Real Value By Displaying Product Features, Advantages & Benefits Right Up Front)
Time Delay Content:
Delayed pieces of content show up magically, based on video play time.
Time Delay Buttons:
Hide the payment button until you’ve established solid value for your product and eliminate “buyers remorse”.
Time Delay Optins:
Keep visitors focused on the video, providing valuable info up front, so they’ll fully understand what it is that they’re trading their email address for.

You Can Get Email Optins Before The Video Plays:
(Many Top Level Marketers Have Used These Methods To Build A Quick, Responsive, Email List)
Optin To Watch:
This is probably one of the most used and proven email list building techniques.
Hidden Optin Box:
Very similar to Optin To Watch, only the visitor gets time to view the offer presented.
Product Launches:
Imagine being able to have a truly simple Evergreen Product Launch System that’s only triggered when someone visits and opts in!

You Get FULL Developer Rights
You can use WP YouTube Money Magnets to develop websites for customers.
You can use the software to build and sell on websites, like Flippa.
You can use this plugin along with your auto responder to offer a new service!
You can use it to build massive email lists.
You can use this software to save time building automated income generators.

You Can Use This Software Today – If you click on this link!

Top WSOWSO WP Amazon Text Links Plugin!

Get Mass Exposure For Your Launch

Should You Launch Your Product Through ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus?

Don’t Settle For One When You Could Easily Have MULTIPLE NETWORKS (and their affiliates) Driving Sales 24×7 For You!

WP MassExposure Works with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, DigiResults, ProductPay, and Tons More!

1. Add Your Payment Buttons using the WP Payment Switch button to add a payment button. Add a button for EACH Affiliate Network of your choice.

2. Add Your URL {with a special code} to EACH Affiliate Network.

3. Start Using It!

PLUS…You Can Combine It With PayPal For Non Affiliate Sales And Save The Affiliate Network Fees.

This is a product full of everything you need to get started:

  • WP Mass Exposure With PLR
  • Rebranding Instructions show you how to easily add your name to the plugin.
  • Sales Page With Source, including the .png images.
  • Editable User Manual (.doc)
  • Branded And Unbranded Sales Videos. You get 2 versions of the sales video in MP4.

Limited Copies. Instant Download
Get WPMassExposure (with PLR) Today!


Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

Finally! Control Over Your Blog–Muahahahaha!

Your WordPress Time Saver!


If you use WordPress, then this software will
be the answer to all of your prayers.

No longer will you have to worry about:

– security
– upgrading plugins
– upgrading themes
– upgrading WordPress software
– creating backups of blogs
– creating duplicate or clone blogs
– finding themes/plugins that you have purchased

Top WSORachel Rofe's Time Management WSO

Plugin Bundles For Fun and Profit!

Gain Better Control Of All Your Blogs With This 5-Star 5-Pack Of WordPress Plugins

250+ Sales And Counting…
Hi, Frank Haywood here.
Thanks for viewing this WSO for a 5-pack of IM plugins, all of which I originally had built for my own use.
As you can probably guess from that statement, I’ve made sure they’re extremely useful and they’re all designed to give you control where you’ve never had it before.
You can use them on all the blogs you personally own.

#1 – The HTML Switcher
This plugin allows you to switch out snippets of text, images and HTML on your WordPress posts and pages, depending on where the traffic has come from.

#2 – Ads Manager
Ads Manager is AMAZING.
It allows you to display ads and other text and HTML in sidebar widgets depending on lots of different rules you can set. (I swiped the idea from another plugin and had my own built from scratch with a few under-the-hood enhancements.)

#3 – Redirection
The redirection plugin allows you to redirect a page or post to any other URL you like.
I know that sounds like it might only be useful on very rare occasions, but consider this.
You can also use it for your affiliate links…

#4 – Delayed Text Widgets
This is a simple plugin that does one thing really well.
Like Ads Manager, it’s also a direct replacement for text widgets, and you can enter both text and HTML.
What this plugin does is it slides your HTML into view after a few seconds delay that you set.

#5 – Contextual Widgets
Last but never least is Contextual Widgets. I almost didn’t include this one in the pack as it’s so powerful and really needs a WSO all of its own.
This final control plugin “Contextual Widgets” allows you to decide which widgets will appear on which parts of your site
It works with ALL standard widgets, not just the ones I’ve released.


I hope you’ll agree that all of these plugins have been carefully thought out to give you greater control of your blogs, while having a very strong marketing angle.
Some of these plugins have only ever been made available before as part of pro-blogger WordPress themes I’ve released to my subscribers.

Grab them all here:

Acme Plugin Bundle

ACME Plugin Bundle

Massive collection of WordPress Plugins to make your blogging easier!

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

Top Selling WSOs On WSOInsiders

Today on Blogging With Micheal we talked about the top selling Warrior Special Offers on the Fan Page.

Number one was Marketing With Alex Jeffreys, a $997 coaching program that is currently sizzling at only $37!

Second place is the Offline Marketing System known as the Bob Ross M3 System:

Third place went to an Offline WordPress Theme known as PremoPress:

And honorable mention went to the Lite Version of Evergreen Business System (EBS):

During the show, I mentioned how if you aren’t certain how you will use the EBS system to make money, you should definitely invest in the Lite version, where you get unlimited use of the system for only one webinar. If you don’t make any money from that webinar, you only invested $97 instead of $497. But if you find yourself killing it with that one webinar, and want to branch out into other markets, then jump on the $497 version at:

Tune in next week, where we will discuss more traffic generating tips and how you can build a list. We may even discuss blogging, too!

ACME Plugin Bundle

Massive collection of WordPress Plugins to make your blogging easier!



Top WSOWSO: Video Spinner (Create Videos From Images & Text)

WP Traffic Magnet

WP Traffic Magnet

Automatic Content Distribution Machine

Limited Warrior Special Offer! Closes Sunday, August 12th 11:59PM Eastern


wp traffic magnet-wso insiders

WP Traffic Magnet

Google Penguin Loooves Backlinks That Generate REAL Human Traffic

And Creates GENUINE Social Buzz…


WP Traffic Magnet-social sites-wso insiders

You’re About to Discover A Simple Tool That Gives YOU the Short-Cut Advantage to Drive Consistent TRAFFIC

Google Penguin Approved Links & Massive Social Buzz In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1-Publish Content On Your blog
Step 2-Add Custom Anchor Text
Step 3-Automate your post on the 11 Hottest Social Media Sites in mere seconds


Best of ALL, you do not need to invest hours to learn anything new – just enable the plugin on your WordPress blog and you are set for traffic and Google Love!

But you need to HURRY! This incredible offer will be removed Sunday, August 12th at 11:59PM Eastern!

Top WSOWSO: JV Mastermind