Commission Junction Plugin For WordPress | Affiliate Marketing Plugin

No more Excuse to make Cash!

Get Your Hands on the Most Powerful Commission Junction (CJ) WordPress Plugin On The Web

Now you can monetize domains, create stunning shops and flip them, build sniper sites for profit and so much more… all with pushing a few buttons!

You probably know that you can set up niche web sites and make a lot of money. Usually there is a lot of work involved. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up a niche web site that sells actual products in minutes?

Now you can build full featured online shop web sites in minutes. A new plugin turns your WordPress blog into a powerful affiliate shop, allowing you to easily search for products from the CJ network and publish them as posts.

Introducing the Prodo CJ WordPress Plugin.

YouTube – ‪Prodo CJ WordPress Plugin – How…

All you have to do is

– upload plugin
– do some minor setup
– pick the advertiser
– select the products
– hit publish

After installing the plugin all you have to do is set your Developer Key and Website ID, add your first advertiser and now you are ready to post your first product.

You can search from within WordPress for products from your advertisers. Once you found a product that you like you just click “Add as Post”. You can also select several or all products from one advertiser at once.

Obviously the plugin saves you a lot of time when setting up web sites.

You can get it here:

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  1. This is really informative. I am an Amazon Affilaite and making decent living out of it. I am running a similar website and I would like to quote a few excerpts from this article. I will give the credits where it is due, along with a back link.

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