Hyper Plugin – Branding And Marketing Rolled Into One Plugin

“Want To Make Your WordPress Blog Stand Out From The Rest?”

Create Your Own Brand
Nothing says professional more than having your own logo. This is what the Hyper plugin can do for you. Turn your logo into a banner or create a banner logo. Voila! Suddenly, your WordPress blog has turned into a brand! Make your ideas, products or services seem all the more professional with the simple addition of a banner.
What WordPress Can’t

By default, WordPress only allows basic headers. With the Hyper plugin, simply install and suddenly you can add either a 468×60 or 728×90 banner to your main header or to individual posts and pages. The plugin is completely compatible and simply extends the ability of your current WordPress blog or site.

Easy To Install

No expert knowledge is needed to install the plugin. Follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re new to WordPress and plugins or consider yourself a seasoned pro, this plugin is for you. Easy installation means more time spent on what’s most important – your site.

Why Using Hyper Plugin?
1- Allow Advertisers To Convey Their Message More Effectively.

2- More Attractive To The Eye.

3- Easier To Spot.

“Make More Money”
This is why we build sites isn’t it, so we can make more money. No matter what you use to monetize your site the Hyper Plugin will work for you.

Why Use A Banner Rotator Like Hyper Plugin?

Adding a banner rotator to a site is great way to display multiple banner ads and messages in just one small area of a page. In addition the animation introduced by the banner rotation will attract the visitors eye to your most important messages and links.
If you sell banner advertising space on your site, then this tool will allow you to display more banners per visitor and hence make more advertising slots available to your visitors without the need for any more space on your pages.

  • ONE-Time Payment.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Unlimited Installation On WordPress Sites.
  • NO Recurring Monthly Payment.
  • NO Hidden Fees.
  • NO Limitation To The Usage Of The Plugin.
  • NO Charge For Each Installation.
  • NO Technical Knowledge Is Needed.


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