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For the last 6 years, my friend George Katsoudas
has been getting traffic from GOOGLE IMAGES.

According to BBC, Google Images gets more

You can download a free pdf cheat sheet that
shows you exactly how to optimize your images
for search engines like Google, from here:

Google often shows images ABOVE the normal
text results. If your image appears there, you
can essentially “steal” the #1 spot from your

The problem is that CREATING IMAGES IS TOUGH.

And don’t even THINK about using an image
that you found from a stock site. Google KNOWS
if your image can be found on other sites. If you
use the same images as everyone else, your
image will NOT rank high.

The solution is a super simple WordPress plugin
that George developed.

– It creates text-based images for your content.

– It optimizes them for your chosen keywords.

– It gets you more free traffic from search engines like Google.

All, automatically.

You can watch a video walkthrough, as well as
download a free demo of the plugin from this link:

The plugin is currently available at a discount,
because it just launched. Price will go up on
October 25th. You may want to hurry!  🙂

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS. You can do this, even if you are a technophobe
who knows nothing about SEO. The plugin does
all the  work FOR you.


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