Give people one last chance to buy your stuff!

Last chance to get their attention!


Despite their downfalls, exit pop-ups can be a powerful tool in your quest for reader engagement, more sales and a larger mailing list. 

Here’s why:


Whenever a reader leaves your page – whether it be a sales page, blog post or simply your about me page – the chance she will return later is slim. The Internet is a vast marketplace, and with many thousands of other choices and the constant bombardment of new information, it’s easy for a reader to forget what brought her to you in the first place.


That means that even if your content or offer is spectacular, unless you capture her attention on the first visit, you’ll likely never see her again.


That’s why exit pop-ups are so popular. If your reader is already on her way to the next website, why not make her a last-chance offer? It may be the one thing that can prevent the loss of that sale!Give people one last chance to buy your stuff!



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