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WP Simplicity – WordPress Plugin


“A Magic WordPress Plugin That Changed Everything About Blogging…”

WP Simplicity has helped thousands of bloggers and marketer save time. It generated massive numbers of testimonials and also caught the attention of well-known marketers. If you want to make huge profits from stand out blogging tool that sells itself and already has a huge reputation then this is it!

Sounds too good to be true? In just minutes I’ll prove it. Watch the video below

YouTube – ‪WP Simplicity…

See how easy it is!


WP Simplicity is an amazing blogging tool, which allows you to leverage your time and your income. It is developed with the most advanced features to offer time-saving solutions and transform blogging experience.
It is suitable for almost anyone.
Regardless of what online business you are into, WP Simplicity is an easy to use blogging tool that takes care of those time-consuming tasks. When you have your magic blogging plugin, everything becomes easy:

  • You Do Not Need Tobuy any other auto blogging tool
  • You Do Not Need Tobother about time to set up blogs
  • You Do Not Need Tohire any freelancer to write posts for you
  • You Do Not Need Tospend hours and hours creating contents
  • You Do Not Need Toworry about contents duplication or copyright issues
  • You Do Not Need Tospend hours installing plugins one by one
  • You Do Not Need Tobother about search engine optimization
  • You Do Not Need To work very hard blogging for real cash at all!

You can take the easy path to successful blogging online. Just select a few options on blog and see the transformation happening in reality.

WP Simplicity Creates New Landmark Among WordPress Plugins In The Market

You can easily turn your new and existing blogs to cash machine with this magic WordPress plugin ever developed. WP Simplicity helps anyone set-up content WordPress blogs that is ready to cash in money even if you have no blogging experience and zero technical skill.

WP Simplicity eliminates the headache of creating and managing WordPress sites. Below are the unique features you are yet to discover that make it WP Simplicity stands out:

• True “one-click” installation and activation of pre-loaded over 140 latest most used and rated WordPress plugins.
• Access for users to add their own favorite WordPress plugins from their portfolio in a matter of a few seconds. You can add loads and loads of popular plugins.
• One-click automatic set up of preset search engines friendly permalinks for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) and also pre-configures all your sidebar settings.
• Automatically laid out and configured the basic pages such as About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and Sitemap. All of this with content!
• Total control over contents posted on your blogs. You decide, plan, manage or edit your blog contents and the layout you prefer which boost your site ranking and position in search engines.
• Create automated, targeted posts that are relevant to the niche you are targeting by in-putting a single keyword. It generates keyword rich articles from which you can simply select which content you like.
• Create video post for any targeted keyword of your choice. You can have WP Simplicity insert video post from YouTube with the video title, descriptions using your targeted keywords.
• Instant contents creation with on-topic photos and images.
• Easily promote products from Clickbank and earn cool affiliate commission. With this plugin, you can enhance your post by promoting Clickbank products relating to your blog niche with your Clickbank ID. Products can be selected using different criteria such as gravity, popularity, keyword relevance, etc.
• Earn commission with Amazon products. You can easily create post with as many Amazon products as you want with the keyword you choose and earn commission for every sale made from your referral.
• Targeted auction items from Ebay. Earning from eBay is made simple with this plugin as it has features to add auctions from eBay and make money as a result. Easy to use feature simply with your eBay ID.
• Insert news about your blog niche. You can post latest news relating to your niche at any time of the day on your blog with this transforming plugin.
• You don’t need to worry about copyright issues. WP Simplicity grabs contents which are allowed to be republished by its creators from official API programs!
• Add map to any post created. You can choose to add map to post you want to create where necessary. The plugin make provision for you to make embedding of direction possible with your post.
• One-Time Affiliate Link Set up. All product links from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay are pre-loaded and populated with your affiliate links – so every time someone clicks through and buys something you will earn a commission.
• It’s Quick and Easy to install… You don’t need to be a technical expert and it installs in minutes!
• Instant Easy to Manage User friendly Backend. WP Simplicity comes with user-friendly backend that you can familiarize yourself with. No more waiting to access your user guide. You will start configuring and setting up your blog instantly after installation of the plugin. You don’t need any technical knowledge or background to manage the backend.
• And much more…

In fact, this plugin is very unique, dynamic and revolutionary!

Get it now and see how much time it will save you!

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Why You Need SMS…

Ok, not everyone needs SMS. But businesses do.

SMS is the messaging system that allows you to send text messages. There are lots of ways to set yourself up for sending text messages, but you want to find one that allows you to send messages at no charge.

But why would you need to send text messages, anyway?

I used to wonder… until I saw the power of it with Twitter. Back when Twitter was pretty new, you could send Tweets to someone’s cell phone via SMS. Once they had too many people following them, it became impossible.

But you can use SMS for a lot of cool ways to deliver an amazing amount of value to your customers! First, you can use SMS for service oriented business. You are repairing their car, and when the car is ready, you send a text message telling them they can come pick it up.

Pharmacies use SMS to text customers that their prescriptions are ready.

Restaurants use SMS to text people when they are having a special. Instant coupons are a great way to fill a restaurant quickly.

Webinar reminders.

You are having an important webinar, you have people register, and after they have registered, you have them give you their cell number so you can alert them 5 minutes before the webinar starts! Talk about filling up your webinars!

Coaching calls, text all your clients 5 minutes before your appointment, to have them ready to go.

How much better would your calls be when everyone was there on time?

Best of all, this functionality is available in a WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the SMS system at no charge!

WordPress and SMS?

Oh yes I did. I just said WordPress and SMS in the same sentence. Imagine using your company blog to build a list of optins and a list of SMS subscribers! All from one plugin! This was demonstrated by George and Evan from Marketing Online Workshop, in a webinar on Thursday Night. I was totally amazed at how easy it was for them to set it up and start collecting email addresses using aweber and getresponse (They are planning on adding the functionality of other Autoresponders in updates) while also collecting the cell numbers of those who want to get text messages.

Why Text Messages?

One of the reasons that SMS is so popular is that it has a 95% open rate. Within minutes of sending out a text message, the user has read it. If you have a direct response message where they can take an immediate action, you can see within 10 minutes whether your message was effective.

This is incredible! You cannot get that kind of response with email. Sometimes you will have someone open your email three months after you sent out a promo! So much for filling that webinar…lol.

Anyway, if you would like to have the power of SMS from your WordPress blog, this plugin is a must have! Get it here:

But wait! There’s more!

If you get this now, George and Evan will also give you their Facebook Fan Page WordPress Plugin. The cool part about this plugin is that it allows you to place your blog on a Facebook Fan Page – either the whole blog, or selected posts and pages. As a side effect, it also makes your blog Cell Phone ready, meaning people will be able to see your content better on their cell phones, because the dimensions will accommodate the cell phone browsers.

Grab it now, before they decide to take away the Facebook Plugin, which sells for $97 on its own!

You will also get 30 days free access to their Gold Membership, which gives you access to any new WordPress Plugin that they develop. The training videos that are included are incredibly helpful, as George and Evan show you step by step how to do many of the common tasks that business owners will need to get online.

So here is the link again, and as a bonus, I will help you with your setup, just schedule it with me and I will get you set up to capture leads and send them both emails and text messages.

SMS is a new technology for a lot of businesses, and many of them are scared to try something new, because they think it is going to be too expensive! This is one of those deals that will pay off time and time again if you put it to use!

You get both SMS functionality, and Facebook Social Power in this deal from the Marketing Online Workshop team. If I wasn’t already a gold member, I would sign up for this one.

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Hyper Plugin – Branding And Marketing Rolled Into One Plugin

“Want To Make Your WordPress Blog Stand Out From The Rest?”

Create Your Own Brand
Nothing says professional more than having your own logo. This is what the Hyper plugin can do for you. Turn your logo into a banner or create a banner logo. Voila! Suddenly, your WordPress blog has turned into a brand! Make your ideas, products or services seem all the more professional with the simple addition of a banner.
What WordPress Can’t

By default, WordPress only allows basic headers. With the Hyper plugin, simply install and suddenly you can add either a 468×60 or 728×90 banner to your main header or to individual posts and pages. The plugin is completely compatible and simply extends the ability of your current WordPress blog or site.

Easy To Install

No expert knowledge is needed to install the plugin. Follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re new to WordPress and plugins or consider yourself a seasoned pro, this plugin is for you. Easy installation means more time spent on what’s most important – your site.

Why Using Hyper Plugin?
1- Allow Advertisers To Convey Their Message More Effectively.

2- More Attractive To The Eye.

3- Easier To Spot.

“Make More Money”
This is why we build sites isn’t it, so we can make more money. No matter what you use to monetize your site the Hyper Plugin will work for you.

Why Use A Banner Rotator Like Hyper Plugin?

Adding a banner rotator to a site is great way to display multiple banner ads and messages in just one small area of a page. In addition the animation introduced by the banner rotation will attract the visitors eye to your most important messages and links.
If you sell banner advertising space on your site, then this tool will allow you to display more banners per visitor and hence make more advertising slots available to your visitors without the need for any more space on your pages.

  • ONE-Time Payment.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Unlimited Installation On WordPress Sites.
  • NO Recurring Monthly Payment.
  • NO Hidden Fees.
  • NO Limitation To The Usage Of The Plugin.
  • NO Charge For Each Installation.
  • NO Technical Knowledge Is Needed.

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?

WordPress Automation Explosion

Each new piece of WordPress content you publish, no matter if it’s a WordPress post or a page, HAS IT’S OWN URL or LINK. That means that, in order for your readers to find that new content, you’ve got to add items to menus or add links to pages and sidebars, then HOPE and PRAY your readers see and click on those links.

Originally Posted by Terry JettView Post
What a great idea for a plugin Ken!

I have often wanted to rotate a few static pages on some affiliate blogs, this should make it simple.


Originally Posted by visimediaView Post
this one is similar with the one I bought from someone I thought from WF too,, but this one is cheaper.

This is a helpful plugin.

Originally Posted by icyguyView Post
Wow Ken Sar, this plugin just effectively a time saver. I am looking forward to see this in working. Ken has been a great marketer who provides a great and timely service. I am so happy seeing him releasing this product!
Originally Posted by Ken RenoView Post
Awesome plugin Ken! I can think of several uses for this for my HotWSO and BuyItThenApplyIt sites! I can rotate special offers/content on one page, and have it display to my users exactly when I want it to, I can’t do this with WordPress alone so it’s a big help and should save tons of time when I can UNpublish content automatically too!

Keep up the great work!

Originally Posted by cristimarinView Post
Hey buddy,
This is a good plug-in..I’ll get my copy right now
the video was enough for me…..


Originally Posted by Zubair ZmView Post
Sounds interesting. I have just purchased my copy.
thanks for WSO
Originally Posted by midiwhaleView Post
Thanks Ken
I’m in

I’m sure this has more uses than I can even think of.

Originally Posted by giaklingView Post
Great plugin with nice features that is a huge time saver. To me, time saved is surely a gain in life and money earned. How can I miss it? I am in.
Watch This Video Below

YouTube – ‪wpTimeDirect – WordPress…
Get Yours Now! Choose Either Personal Use Or Resale Right Option…See Below

Top WSOLINKCLAW! Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster!!

Dynamic Landing Pages For WordPress

If You Owned “ABC Wedding Planners”

Which Link Would You Think Was Specifically Written For You…?






2) Wedding Planners

You’ve heard it over and over again, if you want to be successful (online or offline) you need to Connect with your leads and customers, make your website “talk” to them, make it speak their language, make it Personal.

After all – nobody wants to feel like they’re just a number (and that goes double for your customers!)

So why is it that so many marketers send their customers and leads to URLs like Option 1?

Even though they know that given the choice, Option 2 Would Win Hands-Down, each and every time??

Despite being totally impersonal, the first option is the type of link marketers pass to their customers and leads all the time because it’s quicker and easier than creating hundreds or thousands of personal pages…

But Doing Things The Quick Way Doesn’t Cut It Anymore!

The web is a very crowded place with more businesses cropping up daily.

More and more businesses just like yours are fighting for your customer’s attention (and business!) – so if you don’t find a way of really connecting with your customers soon you can guarantee someone else will.

So what can you do?

How can you engage lots of leads/customers, quickly and easily, without them feeling like they’re a number?

That’s where WP Personalizer steps in.

Just imagine for a second that you could create a single page or blog post within your WordPress site that could give your customers a personalized URL to go to – just for them.

Now imagine that within that page you could insert any content you want, just for that customer (their address, your contact’s name, what rank they’re appearing in Google, their partner’s name – whatever you want).

You can make the page look completely unique to them – no matter how many customers you send to the page, they’ll all feel like you’ve written it just for them!

It doesn’t get more personal than that.

You can do all of this (and more) within WP Personalizer in a few clicks.

Now you can focus your attention on tweaking that one page to make it the best it can be instead of having to tweak 20/30/100’s of pages to improve the response rate.

How’s that for Personal And Simple?! (And Powerful!)

So What Exactly Can You Do With WP Personalizer?

We’ve recorded a brief video showing you WP Personalizer “In Action”, but in a nutshell you can…

  • Create a Single Page/Post that can provide Thousands of Personalized URLs

  • Define your Own Fields where you can store unlimited information about your customers (or keywords) – and Dynamically Insert that info into their Personalized Page using Shortcodes!

  • Redirect people to a “404-Page Not Found” page if they enter an incorrect Personalized URL (or show them alternative content – you decide!)

  • Show Completely Different content to anyone visiting that page without entering their business name/keyword (or redirect them to the “404-Page Not Found” page – again, your choice!

  • Define what extra fields/bits of info you want to store, and dynamically insert that into the page using Shortcodes

  • Create Thousands of Personalized URLs at the click of a button (with extra data if you want) by using the CSV File Import

  • Remote Inserts – securely add extra information for the plugin to use by using standard http GET or POST requests (Local SEO Intel Toolbox already has this feature built in)

Each of these is shown in the demo video below – we’re confident you’ll be impressed once you’ve seen it in action!

See What All The Fuss Is About – Watch The Demonstration Video Here:

*Apologies for the zooming – the autozoom/focus on Camtasia appears to have gone wild on this one!

Can Also Be Used For Dynamic Keyword Insertion!

Sure, we’ve spoken a lot about storing customer info and giving your customers or prospects a personalized URL to visit, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all the plugin is good for!

How about inserting keywords dynamically into your posts? Including the Title Bar, Post/Page Titles (H1 fields), Navigation Menu – you name it!

Running a PPC Campaign? Think you’d get a better quality score if your final landing page URL looked like this: Training in London

And the Title Bar, Page Title/Header Tags, Navigation Menu, Post Content, Image Alt-Tags etc all had “Dog Training in London” in them?

Think that would help keep your Cost-Per-Click down?

We think it’s a seriously adaptable plugin – we’re pretty sure you’ll agree too!

Check it out here:

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?

Amazon Text Links

Amazon Text Links: A WordPress Plugin That Automatically Adds Amazon Affiliate Text Links To Any Words or Phrases That You “Tag”

It has been proven that Amazon affiliates using text links maintain very good conversion rates. However, it can be time consuming to add text links to the posts and pages in your WordPress site.

Introducing, Amazon Text Links. A simple to use WordPress plugin that will automatically add text links to your WordPress Blog or website and automatically include your affiliate ID!

Simple installation

  • Setup as many tags as you wish.
  • Set the exact number of text links that appear on each page or post.
  • Drag and drop your tags into the order of importance.
  • Simple checkbox allows you to exclude any post or page from having text links created on them.
  • Simple stats reporting shows how many times each tag has been clicked.
  • More features to come in future versions.

How it works

  • Install the plugin
  • Enter your Amazon affiliate ID
  • Enter your tags (eg Ipod Touch, Digital camera)
  • Set the maximum number of links per page
  • Start earning commissions!

This plugin will save you time by allowing you to quickly and easily add Amazon affiliate links into your blogs and websites and I am offering it on the Warrior Forum for the low price of $19.

Hurry, there are a limited number of copies at this price. Soon the price will be going up so order your Amazon Text Links WordPress Plugin now!


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Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin

ATTENTION:Updated V1.3
Revealed: Secret Loophole
Sends An Unstoppable
Stream Of Subscribers
Straight From Facebook
To Your Autoresponder

OAuth 2.0 Compliant
WSO in 1! WordPress + Standalone Versions
900 plus sold…

This Powerful Viral Plugin Will

  • Grab verified valid email addresses from Facebook with user permission giving you a more responsive list
  • Send people straight to your auto responder direct from Facebook with no need for forms
  • Virally post to a persons wall a message of your choice – telling all their friends they have just signed up for your offer
  • Give You An entirely new method for sending hordes of subscribers to your offer
  • Double your optin response rate within hours using a tiny little plugin

Click here to see more about the Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin!

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Commission Junction Plugin For WordPress | Affiliate Marketing Plugin

No more Excuse to make Cash!

Get Your Hands on the Most Powerful Commission Junction (CJ) WordPress Plugin On The Web

Now you can monetize domains, create stunning shops and flip them, build sniper sites for profit and so much more… all with pushing a few buttons!

You probably know that you can set up niche web sites and make a lot of money. Usually there is a lot of work involved. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up a niche web site that sells actual products in minutes?

Now you can build full featured online shop web sites in minutes. A new plugin turns your WordPress blog into a powerful affiliate shop, allowing you to easily search for products from the CJ network and publish them as posts.

Introducing the Prodo CJ WordPress Plugin.

YouTube – ‪Prodo CJ WordPress Plugin – How…

All you have to do is

– upload plugin
– do some minor setup
– pick the advertiser
– select the products
– hit publish

After installing the plugin all you have to do is set your Developer Key and Website ID, add your first advertiser and now you are ready to post your first product.

You can search from within WordPress for products from your advertisers. Once you found a product that you like you just click “Add as Post”. You can also select several or all products from one advertiser at once.

Obviously the plugin saves you a lot of time when setting up web sites.

You can get it here:

Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

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