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WP TestiMoney

Testimonials are the Holy Grail of any business and WP TestiMoney is the WordPress Plugin that will give your customers easy access to add their testimonial to your site.


Testimonials give social proof of your trustworthiness. The BIG PROBLEM most marketers have is not having an  automated system in place for their customers to easily leave a testimonial.

If this is  you, you are literally throwing away the additional sales that great testimonials that WP TestiMoney can generate for you!

There are dozens of uses for WP TestiMoney!

  • On your product websites to highlight awesome product feedback. (and make more SALES)
  • On your service websites, to show customers are pleased with your services (and obtain more ORDERS)
  • Use as an upsell when offering website services to small (or large!) businesses (and make more MONEY)
  • On websites you build for other marketers and businesses (add as an extra PAID option)
  • Highlight the excellent comments you receive on your blog (higher READERSHIP)

The possibilities are endless!

With WP TestiMoney you will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily create a good-lookin’ page where happy customers can leave their own testimonials on your site (and, they get a valuable backlink in the process by leaving their url!)
  • Automatically display your testimonials on a page, in a post, and/or in the sexy little widget.
  • Categorize your testimonials, giving  you the ultimate control to display what you want, where you want.
  • Free yourself from the constant hassle of collecting, organizing, and displaying your valuable customer testimonials!

Give your customers and readers a quick and easy place to leave their awesome testimonials, and give yourself the ease of WP TestiMoney

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