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FB Video Pressr

Why Are So Many Marketers Choosing FBVideoPressr To Automate Their Niche Fan Pages?

productThe Answer is Clear… It’s ability to Auto Curate Niche Related QUALITY content and post those to multiple Fan Pages in different niches from ONE installation makes it the #1 ONLY Choice for Savvy Marketers

FB VideoPressr Isn’t Just About Video!

You can drive extra interest and value to your Fanpages by posting automatic updates from RSS FEEDS and REDDIT!

FB VideoPressr will constantly monitor as many RSS feeds as you want and auto-publish posts to any of your facebook pages as soon as a new entry appears.

By combining the excitement of quality video AND the interest of relevant posts from RSS feeds your fully automated fanpages will be totally realistic and have real authority in your chosen niche.

FBVideoPressr will ALSO search as many subreddits as you want, to find hot trending topics to autopost to your fanpages. And because you are in control of which subreddits it searches you can ensure maximum relevancy for everything it posts.

Take A Look At Exactly What FB VideoPressr Can Do For You!

>Autoposts quality, relevant videos from channels to your Facebook pages as often as you want.
>Fully automates UNLIMITED fanpages in MULTIPLE niches from just one installation!
>Autoposts updates from any specified RSS feeds to drive interest and engagement with any of your Fanpages.
>Autoposts hot Reddit topics from any subreddit to your Fanpages as often as you want.
>Autoposts custom promotional messages as often as you want, so you can drive traffic to ANY URL in ANY niche. Think CPA, Amazon, anything you want!
>Can create unlimited sets of promotional messages so every niche or even every channel you curate from can have its own super relevant promotions.
>Supports automatic message rotation and spintax on all promotional messages for maximum randomization.
>You can assign each channel its own priority level so higher priority channels post more often.
>You can choose how far in the past you want to curate from for each channel you select. So you could choose to post from the past week, past month or whatever you want.
>Full plugin posting history allows you to see exactly what has been posted and when.

Get Your OWN, high quality, fully automated Fan Pages in any niche!

Facebook Marketing  WITH The Power Of VIDEO On Auto-Pilot.

Having a quality fanpage is a seriously good marketing opportunity and FBVideoPressr is on hand to help you monetize that!


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Getting Facebook Likes?

When you write a blog post, you really want to have people
telling others about them. After all, that is how you get traffic.

The more people are telling their friends about your posts,
the more readers you will get. Isn’t that what we are hoping
for when we write our content?

Getting people to tell others about your blog posts is easy
if you have the tools that make it brain dead simple to tell
their friends… So you should have at least one sharing
plugin on your blog. One of these is Share This…

Another good plugin is FB Like:


With FB Like, you get a plugin that adds a Facebook Like
button on each blog post with a call to action! The call to
action is crucial, because if you have just served up a
huge helping of amazing content, your readers will WANT
to tell their friends and family about you, and if you make
that call to action automatically, they are much more likely
to “like” your post (and have a link to your blog on their
Facebook Wall).

And right now is the best time to grab this plugin, because
the price is WSO Low!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Want to see the plugin in action? 


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