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WP Simplicity – WordPress Plugin


“A Magic WordPress Plugin That Changed Everything About Blogging…”

WP Simplicity has helped thousands of bloggers and marketer save time. It generated massive numbers of testimonials and also caught the attention of well-known marketers. If you want to make huge profits from stand out blogging tool that sells itself and already has a huge reputation then this is it!

Sounds too good to be true? In just minutes I’ll prove it. Watch the video below

YouTube – ‪WP Simplicity…

See how easy it is!


WP Simplicity is an amazing blogging tool, which allows you to leverage your time and your income. It is developed with the most advanced features to offer time-saving solutions and transform blogging experience.
It is suitable for almost anyone.
Regardless of what online business you are into, WP Simplicity is an easy to use blogging tool that takes care of those time-consuming tasks. When you have your magic blogging plugin, everything becomes easy:

  • You Do Not Need Tobuy any other auto blogging tool
  • You Do Not Need Tobother about time to set up blogs
  • You Do Not Need Tohire any freelancer to write posts for you
  • You Do Not Need Tospend hours and hours creating contents
  • You Do Not Need Toworry about contents duplication or copyright issues
  • You Do Not Need Tospend hours installing plugins one by one
  • You Do Not Need Tobother about search engine optimization
  • You Do Not Need To work very hard blogging for real cash at all!

You can take the easy path to successful blogging online. Just select a few options on blog and see the transformation happening in reality.

WP Simplicity Creates New Landmark Among WordPress Plugins In The Market

You can easily turn your new and existing blogs to cash machine with this magic WordPress plugin ever developed. WP Simplicity helps anyone set-up content WordPress blogs that is ready to cash in money even if you have no blogging experience and zero technical skill.

WP Simplicity eliminates the headache of creating and managing WordPress sites. Below are the unique features you are yet to discover that make it WP Simplicity stands out:

• True “one-click” installation and activation of pre-loaded over 140 latest most used and rated WordPress plugins.
• Access for users to add their own favorite WordPress plugins from their portfolio in a matter of a few seconds. You can add loads and loads of popular plugins.
• One-click automatic set up of preset search engines friendly permalinks for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) and also pre-configures all your sidebar settings.
• Automatically laid out and configured the basic pages such as About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and Sitemap. All of this with content!
• Total control over contents posted on your blogs. You decide, plan, manage or edit your blog contents and the layout you prefer which boost your site ranking and position in search engines.
• Create automated, targeted posts that are relevant to the niche you are targeting by in-putting a single keyword. It generates keyword rich articles from which you can simply select which content you like.
• Create video post for any targeted keyword of your choice. You can have WP Simplicity insert video post from YouTube with the video title, descriptions using your targeted keywords.
• Instant contents creation with on-topic photos and images.
• Easily promote products from Clickbank and earn cool affiliate commission. With this plugin, you can enhance your post by promoting Clickbank products relating to your blog niche with your Clickbank ID. Products can be selected using different criteria such as gravity, popularity, keyword relevance, etc.
• Earn commission with Amazon products. You can easily create post with as many Amazon products as you want with the keyword you choose and earn commission for every sale made from your referral.
• Targeted auction items from Ebay. Earning from eBay is made simple with this plugin as it has features to add auctions from eBay and make money as a result. Easy to use feature simply with your eBay ID.
• Insert news about your blog niche. You can post latest news relating to your niche at any time of the day on your blog with this transforming plugin.
• You don’t need to worry about copyright issues. WP Simplicity grabs contents which are allowed to be republished by its creators from official API programs!
• Add map to any post created. You can choose to add map to post you want to create where necessary. The plugin make provision for you to make embedding of direction possible with your post.
• One-Time Affiliate Link Set up. All product links from Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay are pre-loaded and populated with your affiliate links – so every time someone clicks through and buys something you will earn a commission.
• It’s Quick and Easy to install… You don’t need to be a technical expert and it installs in minutes!
• Instant Easy to Manage User friendly Backend. WP Simplicity comes with user-friendly backend that you can familiarize yourself with. No more waiting to access your user guide. You will start configuring and setting up your blog instantly after installation of the plugin. You don’t need any technical knowledge or background to manage the backend.
• And much more…

In fact, this plugin is very unique, dynamic and revolutionary!

Get it now and see how much time it will save you!

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