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WP Beautify WordPress Plugin

Search and Edit Royalty Free Images From Your WordPress Dashboard With WP Beautify Pro

wp beautify product boxThe WP Beautify button will become your best friend and co-creator by bringing simple, intuitive – and simply stunning – design options to your fingertips!

WP Beautify allows you to completely change the way your WordPress site looks by adding 650+ fonts and font effects; a complete built-in image editor (with the possibility of searching for free images online that you can start using straight away), and an improved video player with 7 unique skins.

Once you activate the plugin, your WordPress editor will have a new button at the top: “WP Beautify“, which will allow you to import images, and edit them from within WordPress.

To do the search, you only need to enter the desired keyword, and click Search.  wp beautify image searchYou can refine the search with these options:
 Image type: Photo/Clipart
Attribution needed or not (if attribution is needed, the plugin will handle it by
adding the required text on the image caption)
 Sites to search: Select at least one
Images can be modified:
1) Upload image: You can upload a picture stored on your computer
2) WP Gallery: Use one of the images currently on the standard WordPress media library.
3) External URL: If you know the current url of the image, you can import it with one click. Simply enter the url of the image and click “Download Image”.
4) Search free images: You can find copyright free images online, and import them with just one click.
5) Dropbox: import images from your Dropbox account
6) Memes: The plugin comes with 24 of the most popular meme images that you can start
using right away
7) Your social networks: You can import images from your social networks accounts with just one click:

On the right sidebar, apart from the SEO options, you will find a button to Edit the image. If you click on it, you will be presented the WP Beautify Editor, with the following options:

wp beautify edit imageCrop
Manual effects
Add shape

Once you have picked the image you would like to work with, you have several options: wp beautify share imageInsert into the current post/page
Download to your computer
Store on WP media gallery
Share on:
Google +

When you activate the plugin, your standard WordPress editor will show a new button, that you can click any time to insert a skinned video, either stored on your site, or from Youtube. wp beautify video skin 2
When you click on it, you get the following options:

Source: Image URL (either on your site, or Youtube URL)
Skin: the skin you would like for your video
Hide logo: if you have set up a logo for all your videos, but you would like to hide it on this
particular video, select the checkbox.
Poster image: The default image for the video before it starts playing
Width/Height: Video size
Autoplay: Check this box to make the video play automatically on page load 
Advanced tip: You can also insert your video manually anywhere by using shortcode

If you wish to add your own logo to the video player, all you need to do is configure it under the main menu WP Beautify >> Video  (Even on YouTube Videos!)

wp beautify video

With the font functionality of the plugin, you can: 
1) Change the default fonts used by your theme (choose from over 650 Google fonts)
wp beautify fonts2) Add new fonts to be used in the standard WP editor
3) Use over 30 font effects to make your content stand out

And if that’s not enough, WP Beautify Pro offers font pairing suggestion for aesthetically matched headlines and body copy – something you won’t find anywhere else!
Give your posts and pages that professionally designed look with just a few clicks.

Order WP Beautify Today and Forever Change The Way You Blog!


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