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Create Relevant Backlinks

5 Quick Tips To Build A Busy Blog

1) Provide fresh; regular, and relevant content to your readers.
2) Encourage comments, and interaction on your blog.
3) Comment on other blogs in your niche, (For authority and back links and traffic!!) Do Not Spam..
4) Use great tools to boost your blog, such as CommentLuv and social share tools.
5) Use the BloggBuddy WordPress Plugin.

BloggBuddy is a powerful WordPress plugin that simply LASER TARGETS keyword related blogs, in order for you to quickly leave your comment and DROP YOUR LINK


This is the only plugin I know of that can help you:

– Laser target fresh content
– Seek out niche specific blogs, for comments and backlinks
– Provide SEO data on your competitors
– Seek out Commentluv enabled blogs! (Powerful)

All you have to do is, choose your keywords, choose your search criteria, and click update!

The plugin will then perform it’s magic and quickly return the most relevant KEYWORD RELATED RESULTS, directly in the WordPress dashboard using advanced Google search techniques.

The Elite and Developer versions of the software will even return important SEO DATA on the results, giving you even more info on the blogs you are targeting!

Leaving a relevant comment on a blog is a great way of gaining authority in your niche, and a simple way of DRIVING TRAFFIC to your own posts.

You can grab your own BloggBuddy here – http://wppluginguide.com/bloggbuddypro


Top WSORachel Rofe's Time Management WSO

Rankings And YouTube Aren’t New – But What This NEW Plugin Does Will Rock You!

This New Plugin –
May appear at first to have ZERO to do with SEO

But – Believe me. It REALLY Does.

It is different.
It is unique!
It even taps into the power that Spielberg and Obama are using!

We all know that YouTube videos and channels
rank incredibly well.

And Google Hangouts combined with YouTube
are getting serious attention right now.

True Fact: A case study done proves this for all
to see. Someone made a simple PowerPoint video
(no on camera stuff)
– he then uploaded it to YouTube.

And – then did the same PowerPoint and set it as
a hangout.

The Hangout Ranked for the keyword in 10 Minutes!!!
the YouTube video… never did.
Big name marketers have started using hangouts
as a massive way of reaching their audiences…. and
exploding their bottom line in the process.


SEO is a changing game. But one thing stays
constant…. And that is the provision that high
quality content always wins

Hangouts (by Google…. and there’s hint!) have
huge momentum.

This plugin (also combined with the AWESOME
bonus software for ranking them) will have your
hangouts and channels boosting your rank FAST.
(how’s four hours – page 1?)


And if there has ever been an urgency around an
SEO technique – it’s now.

Not because any ‘loophole’ is closing. Just the
opposite actually. Google is growing the hangout
system in a major way…

And here is the KICKER: ONLY now, for launch –

This plugin will offer UNLIMITED seats, UNLIMITED
events and unlimited sites – for one incredibly low


After this launch special is gone – the plugin is
going up to it’s commercial pricing – which will
be hundreds of dollars.


Go Now!


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – WSOInsiders.com

PS: Seriously – the power of this system is incredible.
Start looking into hangouts now (if you aren’t already)
and notice how channels and rankings really kick in.

Grab it FAST while the launch special is on – you will
be EXTREMELY glad when you do. 



Top WSOWSO WP Amazon Text Links Plugin!

Rent A SERP Theme and Plugin

This One Of A Kind Plugin Allows You To Rent Out Your Ranked Pages Automatically.logo

And – it collects leads and generates sales for you!

product details

  • Install Software
  • Let The System Optimize The Entire Site And Rank It
  • Let The Clients Pay And Post Their Own Stuff
  • Get Automatically Paid

    If your website ever has an open spot for rent, it will mail anyone who has ever visited your website on auto-pilot and bring a new client and generate passive monthly income all on its own.


Grab the theme and plugin and start ranking today!


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SpeedAzon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Simple Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme With Built In SEO Allows You To Quickly Build More Sites and Get Higher Search Engine Results

speedazon-wso insiders

SpeedAzon is a WordPress theme specifically for people like you and me…Amazon affiliates who want to:

Build sites quickly…
Have them load quickly (in the top 10% of load speeds)…and
Have them show up high in the search engine results.

SpeedAzon has all of the Search Engine Optimization factors built in so you don’t have to install some big unwieldy SEO plugin that bogs your site down.

Plus, it pulls the core images and information for the product you’re promoting directly from Amazon, again, without any special plugins.

Best of all… it’s EASY TO USE. With SpeedAzon, you’ll soon be pumping out multiple affiliate sites per day — quick loading sites that have proper SEO strategies that are designed to get the visitor to click your link and get cookied with YOUR affiliate ID.

Sites that work best have 3 things in common:

  1. Each Site Is About A Single Product
  2. Search Engines Like The Content and
  3. The Successful Sites Load Quickly

SpeedAzon Requirements:

It Looks Great On Mobile Devices Too!

speedazon-mobile-wso insiders

With the Unlimited Personal License of SpeedAzon, you can build as many Amazon affiliate sites for yourself as you want.

Get Your License And Start Building Sites In Minutes.

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