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New Plugin From Spin ReWriter!

Spin Rewriter is having a party to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, and they are giving away some presents!

spinrewriterpluginActually, the present they are giving is a free WordPress plugin that rewrites your posts after they have become stale. This is great for blogs where the content is evergreen, because usually new content is not necessary. The problem is that without new content, the search engines don’t give as much importance to the blog anymore when it has been too long without new posts.

Hence the beauty of the Spin Rewriter plugin. It allows you to fill your blog with awesome content once and then it reposts your older posts after it rewrites it to look and sound new. So your blog is always getting new content (from the search engine’s perspective) while you are benefitting from getting the traffic.

You do need to have a Spin Rewriter account to use this plugin, but when you see the price for a full year, you will jump at the chance to take advantage of this plugin!



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