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Getting Facebook Likes?

When you write a blog post, you really want to have people
telling others about them. After all, that is how you get traffic.

The more people are telling their friends about your posts,
the more readers you will get. Isn’t that what we are hoping
for when we write our content?

Getting people to tell others about your blog posts is easy
if you have the tools that make it brain dead simple to tell
their friends… So you should have at least one sharing
plugin on your blog. One of these is Share This…

Another good plugin is FB Like:


With FB Like, you get a plugin that adds a Facebook Like
button on each blog post with a call to action! The call to
action is crucial, because if you have just served up a
huge helping of amazing content, your readers will WANT
to tell their friends and family about you, and if you make
that call to action automatically, they are much more likely
to “like” your post (and have a link to your blog on their
Facebook Wall).

And right now is the best time to grab this plugin, because
the price is WSO Low!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Want to see the plugin in action? 


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WordPress Plugins For Fun & Profit Part 1

Installing plugins is important

Plugin Installation Helpers

When you install plugins, the hard way is to upload the plugin files to your blog’s wp-content/plugins/ directory. This is something that non techies will find a challenge doing the first few times. Save yourself the hassle by using the following two plugins to make your plugin installation as easy as possible.

Plugin Central – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/plugin-central/

Plugin Central is a comprehensive WordPress plugin solution. Main features are:

  • Install plugins directly by typing the name of plugin or the URL to zip file!
  • Multiple-plugin install feature allows you to move your plugins from one blog to another
  • Displays status of plugins in need of update on the Dashboard
  • Displays latest information from the plugin changelog
  • Update all plugins at once with a single click



Select Add New from the Plugins Menu.

Type “Plugin Central” into the search box and it should come up in the results window.


Then just click on the Install Now link below the plugin name and it will install automatically. In the resulting window, just click on the Activate Plugin link and you are finished.


Usage – To install plugins, just copy the plugin name or URL from the WordPress.org site and paste it into the large textbox under the Easy plugin Installation header. You can also use Plugin Central to list all of the plugins you already have installed. It will also show you in the dashboard which plugins need to be updated.


The next plugin you want to install does a similar task, but it will help you get plugins or themes installed with one click:

One Click Plugin Updater – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/one-click-plugin-updater/

Having grown to far exceed it’s original aim – to provide easy plugin updates in WordPress – this plugin now deals with various aspects of plugin (and theme) installation and updating.

Feature Overview

  • Single-click plugin upgrades in WP 2.3 and up. The techniques that this plugin uses are slightly different from the built-in plugin upgrade feature in WP 2.5, so it’s possible that on some blogs the plugin updater works and the built-in updater doesn’t (or vice versa).
  • Upgrade all plugins with a single click (only in WP 2.5 and up).
  • Visually identify plugins that have update notifications enabled. They get a yellow-gold marker in the “Plugin Management” tab.
  • Quickly determine if there are any pending updates and how many plugins are active. This plugin displays that information right below the “Plugin Management” headline.
  • Configure how often WordPress checks for plugin and core updates, which module is used to upgrade plugins (this plugin or the built-in updater), and other options. See Plugins -> Upgrade Settings.
  • Easily install new plugins and themes (be sure to read the notes below). The plugin adds two new menus for this – Plugins -> Install a Plugin and Design -> Install a Theme.
  • Delete plugins and themes from the Plugins/Themes tabs.
  • Compatible with the OneClick Firefox Extension (up to version 2.1.2 of the plugin). Later versions use a new, improved FF addon : One-Click Installef for WP
  • Global plugin update notifications.
  • You can disable update notifications for inactive plugins.
  • You can hide the little update count blurb displayed on the “Plugins” menu.
  • Now with extra safety – uses the WordPress nonce mechanism for almost all tasks.

Additional Requirements

  • The CURL library installed or “allow url fopen” enabled in php.ini or WP 2.5 and up.
  • The plugins directory needs to be writable by the webserver (if you plan to use the upgrade/installer features of this plugin). The exact permission requirements vary by server, though CHMOD 666 should be sufficient.



Select Add New from the Plugins Menu.

Type “Plugin Updater” into the search box and it should come up in the results window.


Then just click on the Install Now link below the One Click Plugin Updater and it will install automatically. In the resulting window, just click on the Activate Plugin link and you are finished.


Usage – once activated, the Appearance and Plugins menus will each have a new item Install A Theme and Install A Plugin. When you need to install a plugin or theme that is on your computer or that you have a link to the zip file, you can click on the corresponding link to get to One Click Plugin Updater.


Once you select it, you will have a screen where you can choose whether you are installing from the URL or from your computer (FILE).

install-screen URL Installation:

If installing from URL, paste or type the entire URL for the plugin or theme into the text box, including the http://. The end of the link should be .zip, because you are going to have to have a zip file for the plugin or theme. All of the themes you get from WordPress.org will be in this format.

Select the appropriate file type in the drop down menu under the URL you entered – Either Plugin or Theme.

Next you click Install underneath the drop down for the file you are uploading.

File Installation:

If installing from a File on your computer, you must know where it is located on your computer. Once you click on Choose File, a dialog box will appear to have you select the file. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the plugin zip file and then click on the file name and then click Open.

Select the appropriate file type in the drop down menu under the file you chose – Either Plugin or Theme.

Next you click Install underneath the drop down for the file you are uploading.

After the installation is complete, you simply click on the Activate Plugin link.

WordPress Simplicity (Paid Plugin) – http://wppluginguide.com/wp-simplicitywordpress-plugin.html

This plugin gives you the ability to do many of the tasks that you should be doing on your blog with the click of a couple buttons. It includes the Plugin Central plugin above, PLUS the links to all of the top WordPress Plugins that bloggers have been recommending. You can easily go through the list and find the names you need, then copy and paste the name into Plugin Central and then install them quickly and easily.

Watch the video on the sales page to see how WP Simplicity can save you a LOT of time. You can use the Content module to find articles to post on your website! How cool is that?

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Why You Need SMS…

Ok, not everyone needs SMS. But businesses do.

SMS is the messaging system that allows you to send text messages. There are lots of ways to set yourself up for sending text messages, but you want to find one that allows you to send messages at no charge.

But why would you need to send text messages, anyway?

I used to wonder… until I saw the power of it with Twitter. Back when Twitter was pretty new, you could send Tweets to someone’s cell phone via SMS. Once they had too many people following them, it became impossible.

But you can use SMS for a lot of cool ways to deliver an amazing amount of value to your customers! First, you can use SMS for service oriented business. You are repairing their car, and when the car is ready, you send a text message telling them they can come pick it up.

Pharmacies use SMS to text customers that their prescriptions are ready.

Restaurants use SMS to text people when they are having a special. Instant coupons are a great way to fill a restaurant quickly.

Webinar reminders.

You are having an important webinar, you have people register, and after they have registered, you have them give you their cell number so you can alert them 5 minutes before the webinar starts! Talk about filling up your webinars!

Coaching calls, text all your clients 5 minutes before your appointment, to have them ready to go.

How much better would your calls be when everyone was there on time?

Best of all, this functionality is available in a WordPress Plugin that allows you to use the SMS system at no charge!

WordPress and SMS?

Oh yes I did. I just said WordPress and SMS in the same sentence. Imagine using your company blog to build a list of optins and a list of SMS subscribers! All from one plugin! This was demonstrated by George and Evan from Marketing Online Workshop, in a webinar on Thursday Night. I was totally amazed at how easy it was for them to set it up and start collecting email addresses using aweber and getresponse (They are planning on adding the functionality of other Autoresponders in updates) while also collecting the cell numbers of those who want to get text messages.

Why Text Messages?

One of the reasons that SMS is so popular is that it has a 95% open rate. Within minutes of sending out a text message, the user has read it. If you have a direct response message where they can take an immediate action, you can see within 10 minutes whether your message was effective.

This is incredible! You cannot get that kind of response with email. Sometimes you will have someone open your email three months after you sent out a promo! So much for filling that webinar…lol.

Anyway, if you would like to have the power of SMS from your WordPress blog, this plugin is a must have! Get it here:


But wait! There’s more!

If you get this now, George and Evan will also give you their Facebook Fan Page WordPress Plugin. The cool part about this plugin is that it allows you to place your blog on a Facebook Fan Page – either the whole blog, or selected posts and pages. As a side effect, it also makes your blog Cell Phone ready, meaning people will be able to see your content better on their cell phones, because the dimensions will accommodate the cell phone browsers.

Grab it now, before they decide to take away the Facebook Plugin, which sells for $97 on its own!


You will also get 30 days free access to their Gold Membership, which gives you access to any new WordPress Plugin that they develop. The training videos that are included are incredibly helpful, as George and Evan show you step by step how to do many of the common tasks that business owners will need to get online.

So here is the link again, and as a bonus, I will help you with your setup, just schedule it with me and I will get you set up to capture leads and send them both emails and text messages.


SMS is a new technology for a lot of businesses, and many of them are scared to try something new, because they think it is going to be too expensive! This is one of those deals that will pay off time and time again if you put it to use!

You get both SMS functionality, and Facebook Social Power in this deal from the Marketing Online Workshop team. If I wasn’t already a gold member, I would sign up for this one.


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Dynamic Landing Pages For WordPress

If You Owned “ABC Wedding Planners”

Which Link Would You Think Was Specifically Written For You…?


1) http://www.mywebsite.com/?cust=3721




2) http://www.mywebsite.com/ABC Wedding Planners

You’ve heard it over and over again, if you want to be successful (online or offline) you need to Connect with your leads and customers, make your website “talk” to them, make it speak their language, make it Personal.

After all – nobody wants to feel like they’re just a number (and that goes double for your customers!)

So why is it that so many marketers send their customers and leads to URLs like Option 1?

Even though they know that given the choice, Option 2 Would Win Hands-Down, each and every time??

Despite being totally impersonal, the first option is the type of link marketers pass to their customers and leads all the time because it’s quicker and easier than creating hundreds or thousands of personal pages…

But Doing Things The Quick Way Doesn’t Cut It Anymore!

The web is a very crowded place with more businesses cropping up daily.

More and more businesses just like yours are fighting for your customer’s attention (and business!) – so if you don’t find a way of really connecting with your customers soon you can guarantee someone else will.

So what can you do?

How can you engage lots of leads/customers, quickly and easily, without them feeling like they’re a number?

That’s where WP Personalizer steps in.

Just imagine for a second that you could create a single page or blog post within your WordPress site that could give your customers a personalized URL to go to – just for them.

Now imagine that within that page you could insert any content you want, just for that customer (their address, your contact’s name, what rank they’re appearing in Google, their partner’s name – whatever you want).

You can make the page look completely unique to them – no matter how many customers you send to the page, they’ll all feel like you’ve written it just for them!

It doesn’t get more personal than that.

You can do all of this (and more) within WP Personalizer in a few clicks.

Now you can focus your attention on tweaking that one page to make it the best it can be instead of having to tweak 20/30/100’s of pages to improve the response rate.

How’s that for Personal And Simple?! (And Powerful!)

So What Exactly Can You Do With WP Personalizer?

We’ve recorded a brief video showing you WP Personalizer “In Action”, but in a nutshell you can…

  • Create a Single Page/Post that can provide Thousands of Personalized URLs

  • Define your Own Fields where you can store unlimited information about your customers (or keywords) – and Dynamically Insert that info into their Personalized Page using Shortcodes!

  • Redirect people to a “404-Page Not Found” page if they enter an incorrect Personalized URL (or show them alternative content – you decide!)

  • Show Completely Different content to anyone visiting that page without entering their business name/keyword (or redirect them to the “404-Page Not Found” page – again, your choice!

  • Define what extra fields/bits of info you want to store, and dynamically insert that into the page using Shortcodes

  • Create Thousands of Personalized URLs at the click of a button (with extra data if you want) by using the CSV File Import

  • Remote Inserts – securely add extra information for the plugin to use by using standard http GET or POST requests (Local SEO Intel Toolbox already has this feature built in)

Each of these is shown in the demo video below – we’re confident you’ll be impressed once you’ve seen it in action!

See What All The Fuss Is About – Watch The Demonstration Video Here:

*Apologies for the zooming – the autozoom/focus on Camtasia appears to have gone wild on this one!

Can Also Be Used For Dynamic Keyword Insertion!

Sure, we’ve spoken a lot about storing customer info and giving your customers or prospects a personalized URL to visit, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all the plugin is good for!

How about inserting keywords dynamically into your posts? Including the Title Bar, Post/Page Titles (H1 fields), Navigation Menu – you name it!

Running a PPC Campaign? Think you’d get a better quality score if your final landing page URL looked like this:

http://www.mywebsite.com/Dog Training in London

And the Title Bar, Page Title/Header Tags, Navigation Menu, Post Content, Image Alt-Tags etc all had “Dog Training in London” in them?

Think that would help keep your Cost-Per-Click down?

We think it’s a seriously adaptable plugin – we’re pretty sure you’ll agree too!

Check it out here:

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