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InstaBuilder 2.0

All-In-One WordPress Plugin That Lets You Create High Converting, Profit-Pulling Pages In Just Minutes?

State-Of-The-Art, Drag-And-Drop Technology Lets You Do Just That!

“Introducing The Brand New InstaBuilder 2.0”
With A Massive Library of 100 ‘Done For You’ Templates,
You Can Now Build Virtually Any Page In Just Minutes…


  • Optin Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • JV Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • And Much More…

The latest incarnation of InstaBuilder 2.0 is nothing quite like its predecessor. It is built and re-engineered from scratch to meet today’s challenges.

Whether you are creating your own direct response pages or building corporate-style websites, InstaBuilder 2.0 does all that and then some more.

No Design Skills. No Coding Required.

As Long As You Can Point And Click The Mouse, You Too Can Build Premium Pages In Just Minutes!


Marketing online is increasingly complex so you are going to need every edge you can get on your side.

That edge is InstaBuilder 2.0.

With its amazing drag-and-drop technology and all the tools rolled into one package, InstaBuilder is the only solution you will ever need to build your marketing pages!

InstaBuilder 2.0 Comes Equipped With Dozens Of High End Features That Can Be Activated At The Touch Of A Button


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Spiffy Icons Plugin

ATTENTION: WordPress website owners who need more reader engagement….

An Easy Way To Grab Your Reader’s Attention: Point Them To The Information They Really Need, And Eliminate The ‘Boring Text’ Look That Drives Visitors Away From Your Blog!http://wppluginguide.com/spiffyicons

Images are such an important part of blogging today. Not only do they make your page more attractive, but they help encourage readers to consume your content.

Small icons, in particular, are incredibly useful for:
Highlighting sale prices.
Accentuating headlines.
Drawing attention to special features.
Outlining a step-by-step process.
Making content more “scannable.”


With the Spiffy Icons Plugin, you get everything you need to create visually appealing posts and sales pages without spending hours hunting through icon libraries and researching usage licenses. Just point, click, and done.

What is included:
The easy-to-install, no-configuration-needed plugin and usage guide.
Four built-in icon sets with hundreds of handy icons you can use immediately.
The ability to choose any colors you like, with no need to hunt for just the right color from among different sets.
Developer License is INCLUDED with this purchase! It means you can use it for unlimited domains of your own and your client’s as well, plus you can flip the site with it!

It’s a proven fact that images and icons make your text more readable and reduce your page bounce rate. Stop letting your visitors slip out the door when keeping them reading is as easy as installing this plugin.



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WP Image Maker Bot

A WordPress Plugin Built For Marketers Who Need To Make Attractive, Attention Grabbing Images Fast

WP Image Maker Bot Has Everything You Need To Create Outstanding Images In Just Minutes.


Which of the following two options is more important to track: conversions, or time spent on site? My peers & competitors just can’t seem to agree!

Now you don’t have to choose. You can make your WordPress sites more effective by boosting BOTH conversions; and time spent on site!

It’s done with a WordPress plugin called Image Maker Bot and it’s
a follow up to the WP Aviari plugin that came out a few months ago.
Except this tool is more flexible and more powerful than ever. It
allows you to add filters to your images which makes them a lot less
boring. This boosts time spent on site. Then, it gives you animation options so that when the images load, they captivate the visitor’s attention. This boosts conversions.

Click this link and watch the video to see the plugin in action. It’s an amazingly powerful addition to any WP site.



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The 404 Page Is NOT The Most Important Page On Your Site

Are You Risking A Lawsuit Because Of Your Lack Of Knowledge About Internet Law?

250 x 250Anyone who owns a website risks being sued for not following compliance laws. Feigning ignorance about the law won’t keep you out of hot water!

“I didn’t know” isn’t an excuse when it comes to website compliance breaches.

You may be violating several laws right now without even realizing it.   The thing is, it’s really hard to keep on top of everything you need to comply with.

*If you sell products or services to EU customers, you need cookie disclaimers.
*If you have a site with adult content, you have to ensure minors can’t access the content
*You have to notify visitors they aren’t free to take your content and re-use it word-for-word on their own sites
*It’s not enough to notify visitors “You won’t sell their information”–you have to spell out what you’ll do with it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But now there’s help at hand. If you want a complete website compliance solution, check this out now: http://linkdynamite.com/compliancebar

Jon Shawcross and Anton Nadilo have come out with a stunning new WordPress plugin
called Compliance Bar. They’ve thought up nearly every scenario where a website owner could run into legal compliance issues. They’ve created disclaimers and notifications to cover a website owner’s online assets. 

All of Compliance Bar’s disclaimers are completely editable by you or your legal team to reflect the individual nature of your own business model. software-box

Compliance Bar looks great too. It’s unique because it uses special icons to inform visitors about how your site is complying–and how they can interact with your content.

And you have control what individual pages these icons are displayed on.

You’ve never seen a WP compliance plugin this flexible and beautiful before.

So check out Compliance Bar now–start protecting yourself before it’s too late.

P.S. Compliance Bar is being offered at a special introductory price–grab it now for maximum savings.


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Member Sonic Theme 2.0 With Bonus Plugin

Unlock The Hidden Power Of Any Membership Site Plugin With Our New MemberSonic Theme Version 2.0

member sonice wp theme

Everyone knows that membership sites are a must have component of every online business in order to generate long term recurring income.  The problem is that building a membership site is tough (especially for the technically challenged).  There are so many plugins and themes available that it’s difficult to choose the right one.

Enter the MemberSonic 2.0 Theme.  We designed it so that we could set up membership sites quickly and be flexible enough to be an all in one WordPress theme.

MemberSonic Theme 2.0 has everything you need to create a truly customizable brand and workflow for any membership site.  You can easily change the way your site looks, or what menus are displayed on what post/page.  This could be the last theme you will every have to purchase for your membership site.

And if you know anything about us then you know we like to over-deliver with all of our products.

So I’m Including A Few Priceless Bonuses Too!

MEMBERSONIC LITE PLUGINmember sonice wp theme bonus one
Everything You Need To Build Your Own Membership Site

MEMBERSONIC LIVE JAM SESSIONmember sonice wp theme bonus two
Live Training To Help You Get Started With Your Membership Site

DEVELOPER RIGHTS INCLUDEDmember sonice wp theme bonus three
Make Money Using Our Theme On Client Projects!

MemberSonic Theme 2.0 coupled with these bonuses make this a complete toolkit for every membership site owner and developer.

Hurry and get your copy before the price increases! 


Top WSOWP Pop Wizard Plugin

Rapid Mailer WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

Rapid Mailer is the Ultimate Self-Managed WordPress Autoresponder Platform to Maximize Your Email Marketing



Rapid Mailer + WordPress

IMSC Rapid Mailer integrates directly with WordPress for the ultimate flexibility and power. It installs as a regular plugin and you control all aspects of your email marketing right from your own website…


mirrror-imscrapidm-qrcode-LARGERapid Importing with No Restrictions

Unlike other autoresponder systems, you can just import your contacts and leads and get started. No messing around with re-confirmation of leads or facing an inquisition about how you built your list…

IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

  • Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
  • Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
  • Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
  • New Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Set Up… Be Up and Running Fast!
  • Full Email Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking



Create campaigns, send broadcasts and track activity right from your mobile phone, iPad or desktop…

designEasy Email Editor

Our built in editor allows you to easily create powerful and beautiful emails that demand attention…

segmentingSegmenting & Groups

Easily split, migrate, segment and group your leads and lists as you see fit. Yep, we’re that flexible…


blogbroadcastsBlog Broadcasts

Instantly broadcast your new blog post to all your subscribers with just a few clicks for easy content marketing…


We have packed a ton of power into Rapid Mailer and many unique features you won’t find in any other Autoresponder or Email Management platform.

  • Awesome Themes and Templates
  • Amazing Statistics and Tracking
  • Easy Third-Party Sender Integration
  • Automated Can Spam Compliance

  • Batch Sending Avoids Bottlenecks

  • Double or Single Opt-In – Your Choice…

  • DKIM Wizard for Digitally Signing Emails

  • Auto Import All WordPress Members

  • Easy Squeeze Page Integration

  • Powerful Social Media Integration

RapidMailer is a Great Back Up Email System as Well…

Even if you have an existing autoresponder or email service, Rapid Mailer is a fantastic back up email system in case your service suffers any outages or DDOS attacks…

Don’t risk your profits…Grab Your Copy Right Now!

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