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Give 2 Gain Word Press Plugin

What Is Give 2 Gain?

Have You Ever Wondered How To Make YOUR Product GO VIRAL Using Social Media?

Give 2 Gain is a powerful WordPress plugin which takes advantage of the viral power of Social Media, by asking visitors to share an offer via Facebook or Twitter in order to unlock the download!  When the offer is shared, an update is posted to the visitors Social Media profile for their friends & followers to see, this then drives their followers back to check out the offer… and the viral nature of this Social sharing plugin continues.


Give 2 Gain is perfect for sharing:

  • A Module From Your Video Training Course
  • A Free Report
  • A Free Trial To Your Recurring Membership Site
  • A Free Chapter Of Your Book
  • Discount Coupons

You can always pay to advertise with Facebook Ads, but this comes with a HUGE learning curve and it can become very expensive.

The IDEAL scenario would be for your friends to share your content, this has a number of benefits:

– It’s completely free!

– Your friends are the people who are most interested in what you have to say.

– All of their friends would then see your update (which is great because often they share similar interests too, which means they will be interested in your content and more likely to share it.)

…and then the sharing cycle continues, meaning that your product or offer would effectively go viral!

Take a look at this new WP Plugin I’ve found, which asks your visitors for a ‘Social Share’  in exchange for access to your offer.

Here’s just some of the benefits:

– Easy to install plugin that works within your WordPress Dashboard – no new scripts to learn.

– Option to add an opt-in form so you can grow your list & social media reach.

– Option to ask visitors to share before OR after  they download – for total control.

Remembers your visitor so they can return and access your offer without sharing again.

If you ever struggle to get your content shared, and to reach more people, then this is for you.  This is a great way to increase your online presence, drive more traffic to your blog & offers, and increase your opt-ins.



Top WSOWSO: JV Mastermind

VideoMakerFX Blows Other Video Creation Software Away!


I Finally Found Video Software That Is Easy And Fun To Use

I have avoided making videos for a long time. It always seemed like there was a big learning curve to most of the programs that I opened up. I’d try a few things and then just give up.

There are a few places on the internet that you can use to make some pretty creative videos easily, and I’ve done that. But I never remember what the site name is so I only used them once or twice. Or I couldn’t download and edit the video…

When I found this software, I was still skeptical. But I watched Micheal using it, having fun with it, and I thought to myself…self…he’s having WAY too much fun…you need to check out that software. So I did. And I was amazed!

I lost track of time I was having so much fun! It’s super user friendly and makes me look like a PRO!

The hardest part about using this software is deciding which one of the free slides I want to use or which one of the free music clips to add. I can use any image or music clip from my own hard drive too. Want to add your own voice track…because it can do that too!

You can render in high def and they look great on YouTube. Check out this super-quick video I “threw” together just because I wanted to play around.







Grab This Amazing Software At: LinkDynamite.com/videomakerfx

If you’re even considering buying video software you owe it to yourself to check this out. It’s a fraction of the price of other video creation software and it still does everything I need it to do.

Enough of this…I want to go play some more.

Grab The Software And Create Videos Like A Pro!

Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

SpeedAzon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Simple Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme With Built In SEO Allows You To Quickly Build More Sites and Get Higher Search Engine Results

speedazon-wso insiders

SpeedAzon is a WordPress theme specifically for people like you and me…Amazon affiliates who want to:

Build sites quickly…
Have them load quickly (in the top 10% of load speeds)…and
Have them show up high in the search engine results.

SpeedAzon has all of the Search Engine Optimization factors built in so you don’t have to install some big unwieldy SEO plugin that bogs your site down.

Plus, it pulls the core images and information for the product you’re promoting directly from Amazon, again, without any special plugins.

Best of all… it’s EASY TO USE. With SpeedAzon, you’ll soon be pumping out multiple affiliate sites per day — quick loading sites that have proper SEO strategies that are designed to get the visitor to click your link and get cookied with YOUR affiliate ID.

Sites that work best have 3 things in common:

  1. Each Site Is About A Single Product
  2. Search Engines Like The Content and
  3. The Successful Sites Load Quickly

SpeedAzon Requirements:

It Looks Great On Mobile Devices Too!

speedazon-mobile-wso insiders

With the Unlimited Personal License of SpeedAzon, you can build as many Amazon affiliate sites for yourself as you want.

Get Your License And Start Building Sites In Minutes.

Top WSORachel Rofe's Time Management WSO

WP Traffic Magnet

WP Traffic Magnet

Automatic Content Distribution Machine

Limited Warrior Special Offer! Closes Sunday, August 12th 11:59PM Eastern


wp traffic magnet-wso insiders

WP Traffic Magnet

Google Penguin Loooves Backlinks That Generate REAL Human Traffic

And Creates GENUINE Social Buzz…


WP Traffic Magnet-social sites-wso insiders

You’re About to Discover A Simple Tool That Gives YOU the Short-Cut Advantage to Drive Consistent TRAFFIC

Google Penguin Approved Links & Massive Social Buzz In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1-Publish Content On Your blog
Step 2-Add Custom Anchor Text
Step 3-Automate your post on the 11 Hottest Social Media Sites in mere seconds


Best of ALL, you do not need to invest hours to learn anything new – just enable the plugin on your WordPress blog and you are set for traffic and Google Love!

But you need to HURRY! This incredible offer will be removed Sunday, August 12th at 11:59PM Eastern!

Top WSO$2.5k From Amazon In 4 Days?

EU Cookie Cop

Beware Of The EU Cookie Laws!

(this plugin can save you)

EU Cookie Cop-wso insiders



The EU Cookie Cop helps you add the EU Cookie Warning bar to your WordPress, HTML or PHP website within minutes.


“The EU Cookie Cop is the Best solution for compliance with the EU Cookie Law Available in the Market Today…”


WSO Special Price

Top WSOWSO WP Amazon Text Links Plugin!

Covert Messenger WordPress Plugin!

man-with-motebook-05I just found this cool new WordPress plugin
that lets you create “instant messenger”
ads on your blog. It’s super simple to use
and the ads look great.

Check out the demo video here:


These instant messenger ads are by far the
most effective kind of ads you can use on
your blogs – and they will get more clicks
than anything else on your blog (guaranteed)

But so far there has been no easy way to
generate ads like this. Until now!

Check out the demo video here:
=> http://wsoinsiders.com/go/covert-messenger/

The Covert Messenger plugin is available
as a WSO right now and it’s still super

However it is a dime sale, so the price
does go up with every order.

I highly recommend that you check it out
now – it’s really good – and you’d want
to get in before the price goes up!

=> http://wsoinsiders.com/go/covert-messenger/

Top WSONew Plugin: Automate Your Amazon Commissions

Cloak Tracker Plugin–Hides Affiliate Links And Tracks Results


Use your own domain to host your affiliate links and get lots of link juice from your own affiliate links!


Watch the demo…

Easy, right? Take advantage of this while the price is severely reduced!


Top WSOWSO: Video Spinner (Create Videos From Images & Text)

Clickbank Launch Blogs Just Got Livelier–Live Leaderboard Results!


Clickbank Leaderboard WordPress Plugin


Does it just do “Leaderboards”?

Nope! It brings down all of your affiliate promotion stats as well, for you to display them in a post/page/text widget.

How often are the stats updated?

They’re updated ‘LIVE’ – based on intervals that you specify so we don’t overuse the Clickbank’s API.

Other creative uses, beyond ‘live’ stats?

** Sell access to your promotions on Clickbank!

** Get optins to ‘access’ / see your ‘live’ stats (as they happen)

** Offer 100% Authenticity to your promotions on CB – “do it live” – not on video, just a ‘link’ on your WP page/post SHOWING – not ‘telling’ thru videos/screenshots!

** Allow your JV Manager access to your Clickbank Promotions, either as an affiliate/vendor – and have them view the summary stats for you – without giving them access to your Clickbank accounts.

** many more uses, as affiliates/vendors who have tested this have conveyed


Top WSOWSO: Video Spinner (Create Videos From Images & Text)

Dynamic Display Widget

Make your WordPress Blog stand out…



Let’s say your site is an ‘Internet Marketing’ website. On your site you write reviews of many different Internet Marketers and their products. However your current situation allows you to have ‘static’ content on the sidebar (banner and signup box for your newsletter).
You can now create a DDW for each Internet Marketer (if desired) and show banners and signup boxes associated with that individual marketer!
Increase your conversion rates and categorize your newsletters!


Dynamic Display Widget



Top WSOWSO: Speed Up Your Blog