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Each new piece of WordPress content you publish, no matter if it’s a WordPress post or a page, HAS IT’S OWN URL or LINK. That means that, in order for your readers to find that new content, you’ve got to add items to menus or add links to pages and sidebars, then HOPE and PRAY your readers see and click on those links.

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What a great idea for a plugin Ken!

I have often wanted to rotate a few static pages on some affiliate blogs, this should make it simple.


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this one is similar with the one I bought from someone I thought from WF too,, but this one is cheaper.

This is a helpful plugin.

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Wow Ken Sar, this plugin just effectively a time saver. I am looking forward to see this in working. Ken has been a great marketer who provides a great and timely service. I am so happy seeing him releasing this product!
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Awesome plugin Ken! I can think of several uses for this for my HotWSO and BuyItThenApplyIt sites! I can rotate special offers/content on one page, and have it display to my users exactly when I want it to, I can’t do this with WordPress alone so it’s a big help and should save tons of time when I can UNpublish content automatically too!

Keep up the great work!

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Hey buddy,
This is a good plug-in..I’ll get my copy right now
the video was enough for me…..


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Sounds interesting. I have just purchased my copy.
thanks for WSO
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Thanks Ken
I’m in

I’m sure this has more uses than I can even think of.

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Great plugin with nice features that is a huge time saver. To me, time saved is surely a gain in life and money earned. How can I miss it? I am in.
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